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Oumie's Golden Gate Trip report : 16 - 17 Feb '07

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Oumie's Golden Gate Trip report : 16 - 17 Feb '07

Unread post by Oumie » Tue Feb 20, 2007 2:31 pm

After the rush into Johannesburg to fetch our "new" second hand caravan we arrived at Clarence at 4pm. We Bought a few provisions at the local little cafe and meat at the butcher. Wow...the butcher's meat is outstanding and their service is excellent!
Off to Golden Gate and found a lovely spot at Glen Rheenen camping grounds.
The "new" caravan
The view from our caravan

Their is just one complain I have of Glen Rheenen....They need to upgrade the ablution buildings...It is really in a sorry state :( but kept tidy and clean.
The floor tiles have been painted over, now the paint is peeling off and really looking shabby, looks like it was not cleaned at all allthough the lady cleans it about 3 times a day.
The walls inside the building needs a good coat of paint.
But hey, we just love to go to Golden Gate :D
Some pics we took while there:-
View of the camping site from Mushroom rock walk

Left Golden gate at 10:30am for KNP. Arrived at 9pm...had a braai...went to bed at 11pm, left for Cape Town early the next morning.
Reservation for 2018 made :dance:

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