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Asterix & Obelix - Trip Report - Bontebok

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Asterix & Obelix - Trip Report - Bontebok

Unread post by Obelix » Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:44 am

As I couldn't find much info on it on the forum, herewith just a short trip report on our quick visit during December to one of our lesser known national parks, Bontebok National Park.

We were aware of the fact that the park is undergoing upgrades and renovations to its facilities. However, given the confirmation on the website that the park remains open for day visitors, we decided to still do a quick drive-through and maybe do one of the short hiking trails near the river (hoping to spot some interesting birds in the larger trees near the river and also in order to check out the facilities for a possible future visit).

However, we were advised at the entrance that only one of the circle routes was fully open for travel and that the restcamp itself was not really open to the public for even a peek. This came as a bit of a disappointment as the one open circle route did not take us even close to the river. However, we had some time on our hands, so we still decided to do this route. Unfortunately, most parts of the gravel road in the park (or at least the section we travelled on) is not in a good condition and IMHO it is not advisable to travel this road with a sedan (and I’m not squeamish at all when it comes to road conditions).

The park did offer some good landscape scenery on some portions of the road though. It also seemed from a distance that the camp itself is situated in a lovely spot near the river amongst big trees and thick vegetation. Animal wise our trip of about 2 hours yielded Cape Moutain Zebra, Grey Rhebok (we think) and of course the Bontebok (potos below).

From a bird perspective we were not very successful, although this Cape Longclaw was a special sighting for us.

All in all not a huge success in our personal opinions, but the park still rewarded us with an enjoyable two hour break out in nature and away from the traffic on the N2. Definitely worth another check-out once the renovations have been finalised (and maybe once the road's condition is a bit better - although I assume the current road condition is also attributable to the construction vehicles).

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