Through a different lens: memories, ghosts and reflections.

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Through a different lens: memories, ghosts and reflections.

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Life is so much like a camera, changing a lens, changes a perspective.

Like many, I become so convinced of my own rightness. In fact, the more I think about things, the more convinced I become. :wink:


And then, the lens changes and I am challenged to take a different view, to see bigger pictures, and admit that the world contains many characters and features not seen before.


Covid was like that.

Suddenly the predictability of what was known became unknown. What was clear became unclear.

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For some, it was the unspeakable grief of loss. Many found their security shaken, the predictability of the world we once knew had vanished. The empty seat would never be filled, words could not be unsaid and memories became fixed.

I too found that long covid made me a little slower, a lot older and I had to put on a different lens.

This is about hope. It is about changing perspective, seeing that in nature healing and regeneration are constant....

and then there are the ghosts.
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