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Photo Theme postings

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2023 3:45 pm
by lion queen
I would just like to remind all of the RULES for posting on the SANParks Forums

Especially rule 1:
This is a website dedicated to Nature Conservation and travel, in the South African National Parks. All postings must relate to this purpose.
Could we please try and keep this in mind when posting photo themes.

I know it's easy to post a photo of the moon you took in your garden and say it was in KTP. That is not the issue.

It's just not fair towards SANParks to use their Forum posting photos that was obviously not taken in one of their parks. The whole idea with the Photo Themes was to promote SANParks as far as possible. Getting people to be excited of visiting one of the parks to see and experience what we share here on the Theme topics.