Four Weeks in Kruger July/Aug quick recap

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Four Weeks in Kruger July/Aug quick recap

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Firstly Merry Xmas everyone,

Apologies for not doing a trip report but we were there so long and I don't really have the time, or inclination at the moment.

I returned from Kruger this time a little deflated, so much so that we have decided not to book next year :shock: Something I may still regret. :hmz:

So why have we made this decision, well although sightings were not terrible they were pretty slim with only 9 Leopard sightings in over four weeks with only one being a good sighting. On the flip side we had a lot of wild dog sightings which was great.

We always do a lot of tent camping and this is now virtually impossible with the number of people having aircon units that are on and off all night, for me these are the noisiest and most annoying things in Kruger camp sites. Gone are the days when you could lie there listening to hyenas and lions. I so wish sanparks would turn all the power switches off around campsites, how nice and energy efficient would that be. Even at satara where there is a large area without power sockets a group of four caravaners had trailed leads across the road so they had a nice quiet area for them selves...if not for everyone else.

We met several lovely people though when camping and that is always the bonus of not having four walls.

A stay at sable dam, even though we saw nothing, was a memorable experience and the Selati restaurant at Skukuza was fantastic.

Although we left Skukuza one morning at gate opening time where we headed one morning towards lower sabie where we encountered 8 morning drive vehicles from Sanparks and the Selati train and the second morning we decided to head towards transport dam where a Selati morning drive deliberately tried to block the road while watching giraffes so he wouldn't be behind us. :rtm:

We had an elderly gentleman get out burp and have a wee right in full view of us and the two lionesses we were watching....and they then ran off sharpish...and that was about 3 kilometres from a picnic site and then a bonkers foreigner who nearly ran over a lion cub he was so desperate not to let other cars block his view after he had parked his car across the road. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

All that said it still is amazing and we will be back....just tentless. :thumbs_up:

Please have a look at photos from our trip, they are in no order.

Take care all


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