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Coffee Table Book

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Good Evening.

I have permission from Admin and the Honorary Rangers to post this on this page.

I made some queries regarding the requests I get on the SANParks Kruger National Park Facebook Page for a Coffee Table Book of our Kruger photos and stories. I thought, why not do something useful for conservation at the same time. To publish a 80-100 page book with about 120-150 photos will cost about R1000.00. The more copies that are printed the lower the cost per copy.

How many people would be interested in buying such a book if it sold for about R1500 plus delivery costs. Each copy will then contribute about R500 towards Conservation Services. Please let me know in the comments if you are interested. We can bring final cost down if there is a great interest for the book. I do not want to make any money from it but rather contribute all profits to the Conservation

You will have to deposit money into the Honorary Ranger’s Account or directly into the account of the publisher. I will not be handling any finances. The number of copies printed will be for confirmed and paid orders.

Thank You.
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