Best butterfly spots in Kruger

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Best butterfly spots in Kruger

Unread post by Karacal »

Having been to Kruger on several occasions, on our next trip in November we intend to pay closer attention to the butterfly species.

So, are there any more productive spots in the park? Especially for the more exotic species?

We are travelling all the way from Crocodile Bridge to Punda.
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Re: Best butterfly spots in Kruger

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Interesting question. I don't know if I found any spots better than others.
If I think about my butterfly pics -
I found a few nice ones in Tamboti tented camp.
Saw these from Tamboti to Satara to Skukuza
Patrician Giant Cupid
Bushveld Purple Tip
Scarlet Tip
African Orange Tip
Bushveld Orange Tip
African Caper White
Striped Policeman

The dirt road next to Nsemani dam. - there was a little puddle and many butterflies congregated there.
I saw many butterflies in Shingwedzi camp, but those did not want to pose for pics. Now that I know a bit more I think those were mostly Tips.

In Punda Maria camp the Flycatcher trail delivered some. And the ladies toilets at night (strange but true).
Common Evening Brown
Squinting Bush Brown

Dancing Telchinia (Makuleke)
Foxy Charaxes (Makuleke)
Green-marbled Skipper (Makuleke)

As for exotic species - I am new to the hobby so most butterflies I see are lifers, and therefore exotic to me :lol: :lol:

I just find that if I keep my eyes peeled I will spot them as I drive along and if I am lucky, they may pose close enough to the road for a pic.
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