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Current Tusker - Kukura

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2022 10:32 pm
by RosemaryH
Current Tusker - Kukura

Kukura - Ian Whyte.jpg
Photo by Dr. Ian Whyte

Origin of Name: Kukura is Shona meaning “growing” referring to the speed at which this bulls tusks developed from Emerging to Larger Tusker status in a short space of time.

Special Features: Kukura has tusks that are fairly symmetrical with the right tusk curved slightly higher than the left. The ivory is also on the thinner side when compared to other large bulls. This bull is quiet distinctive in that the left ear is partially floppy. In addition to the partial floppy nature of the left ear with a tendency to fold backwards there are a few notable notches. In the lower lobe towards the tip is a shallow u-shaped notch, in the upper top section of the lobe often hidden in a frontal view in the folds is a deep but narrow u-shaped notch. Below this towards the mid lobe a small misshapen v-shaped notch can be seen. The right ear has less distinctive notches, in the lower lobe is a wide very shallow scooped shaped notch. Towards to the top of the lobe, a deeper u-shaped notch not visible from a frontal view. Kukura’s trunk has developed a few scared areas, most notably thickened nodules between the tusks at the lip line level and slightly below.