International Card arrival time in Australia

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International Card arrival time in Australia

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My wife and I will be visiting the Kruger in August 2022 for 14 days and I will be purchasing a international wildcard for a couple on line.

My question you actually get a physical card or do you have to rely on the printed receipt? and if you do get a card how long does the physical card take to reach Australia?

I ask these questions because I bought a wildcard in 2019 and never received a card, I just used emailed confirmation at entry and check in.

I am pretty sure I received a actual card in 2015 but of course have lost that :)

My main concern is the time between buying on line and receiving actual card.

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Re: International Card arrival time in Australia

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Hi kitkat1953.

You must keep the receipt, as cards do not seem to arrive (especially to overseas addresses). You can also just register and buy at your first camp - you do not need to do it online before arriving - I always renew mine at my first camp and keep the receipt (although they have all the details and payment records on their system). I originally bought mine years ago, so do have the physical card, but many people just use their printed receipt.

I'm sure you are looking forward to your trip.
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Re: International Card arrival time in Australia

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They are no longer issuing actual wild cards, relying more with on-line transactions.
So you can purchase it online before your trip, keeping the confirmation advice to use on arrival or purchase at your first camp.
Enjoy your trip and time in the park. :thumbs_up:
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Re: International Card arrival time in Australia

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Thanks Elsa, !00% good advice. :dance:

Might I just add that at some point in the not too distant future, the Wild Card system is intending to go electronic. :thumbs_up:
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