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Our 2021 Kruger Trip

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2022 10:14 pm
by EElse
Once again not a Travel Tale but a video of our wonderful time in the park.

A bit more detail:

Hubby and I did not go alone this time, my nephew came with us as we went during school holidays this time. It was not his first time in the park but it was the first time he went on holiday with us without his parents.

We had a wonderful time but as with most kids, the wild did not keep his attention for very long and by the third day he elected to stay at the camp with my husband (who almost always stays at camp), so I once again did most of the sightseeing :lol:

You will hear my nephew in the video the few times he went with... (sorry for the commenting, at least it is soft and brief)

My favorite of the trip were the various special bird sightings (not rare birds as such, but rare sightings).

Hope you all enjoy it!

Until next time :gflower: :k