Storms River National Park - March 2021 - disappointing

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Storms River National Park - March 2021 - disappointing

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Copy of letter sent to National Parks on 22 March 2021:

We stayed at the Storms river rest camp from 8 March – 12 March 2021.
We booked a CH3P chalet online and was given Chalet no 17 on arrival.

Herewith our experience of the accommodation offered:
• Our allocated chalet seems to be one of three chalets reserved for pensioners.
• Chalet 17 is situated next to the electrical supply house. The constant hum emitting from the house was evident in the chalet at all times.
• The Chalet appeared to be old, grubby and only surface cleaned. The TV had fingerprint marks all over the screen. No information booklet was supplied.
• The bathroom walls and ceiling was riddled with black mold. The stench coming from the bathroom engulfed the entire chalet, to the point that we could not sleep and my wife’s chest started closing up.
As you might be aware: “Mold is sometimes referred to as “the silent killer” because it can make people sick without them knowing that it's the cause. ... Mold can have very damaging effects on your health and quality of life”
This chalet should be condemned until the mold is professionally removed and the chalet cleared by the Health department.
• We reported the above the following day. Our complaint was dealt with by Frans, the Duty Manager and we were moved to Chalet no 18. This unit was noticeably more upmarket than the previous chalet with spectacular views and good finishes. We really enjoyed our stay here.

Herewith our experience of the park:
• The park is stunning, clean and the views breathtakingly beautiful.
• The camping grounds were well maintained.
• The walks are spectacular and worth every minute spent on the trails.
• The check in staff were friendly, but it seemed that there was no urgency to address the above concerns. We had to make several phone calls plus take a drive to reception (4km) to get a reaction.
• There is a rogue male baboon roaming the camp and stealing food from the units. Workers have reported that he gets aggressive when confronted. We had an unpleasant experience with him visiting us in Chalet 17.
o It became very obvious why the Chalet windows must be closed at all times. This is one of the reasons why mold is forming in the bathrooms. Why have inexpensive, transparent burglar bars not been installed in the chalets (or at least in the bathrooms)? This to enable much needed airflow to ventilate the Chalet.
o The other reason why mold is forming in the bathrooms, is that the cleaning staff claim that they do not have the means to get to the ceiling and the higher portions of the walls.
• Most of the chalets were not occupied. Why only offer 3 units to pensioners (at a reduced rate), if the unoccupied units could be rented out in the same way?
Another reason might be that the chalets are way overpriced in comparison to other parks that offer similar accommodation at much better prices.
• Sadly, the lack of basic, ongoing maintenance in this stunning park is disconcerting and is becoming very obvious. It seems that the maintenance manager is either absent or not doing his/her duty.
During our stay we saw and experienced: Cutter down pipes hanging loose, cupboard door hinges adrift/loose, showers leaking, blinds broken or not fitting the windows at all, door hinges broken, lights not working, windows that cannot be opened, doors that have to be opened with force, etc.
Why not have a system whereby guests can complete a snag list before departure to assist the maintenance staff to repair the faults?
• The permanent restaurant and shop burnt down in 2016. The temporary tented restaurant is an eyesore and distracts from the beautiful surroundings. The temporary shop is inadequate and sells old, expired goods. Although it also burnt down in 2016, the sign stills says SHOP and points to the ruins that looks dreadful.

We are sorry to bring this to your attention, but we feel that to attract Local and Foreign visitors, the above should be addressed as a matter of urgency.
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Re: Storms River National Park - March 2021 - disappointing

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Sorry about your disappointment, NTFlyboy.
If you have not e-mailed [email protected], please do so.

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