Recommendations for Field guides

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Recommendations for Field guides

Unread post by pnm »

Good morning

Some advice please.

I have been going to Kruger for many years and recently realised that I am missing out on large chunks of the visit because I concentrate on the mammals and especially the birds. I need to broaden my knowledge. I have plenty of books on birds of Kruger but that is where it stops.

Could someone recommend Field guides for:

Trees of Kruger
Flowers of Kruger
Mammals of Kruger
Reptiles of Kruger

I also need the same for Kgalagadi:


Can someone help with ideas?

Keep well

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Re: Recommendations for Field guides

Unread post by Melaka »

This post seems to have duplicated itself so I hope I am replying to the right bit. I strongly recommend 'Shaping Kruger' by Mitch Reardon. It's not strictly speaking a field guide but it gives the most incredible and fascinating background to the park and the major mammals that live there. I reread it before every visit.
Best wishes
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Re: Recommendations for Field guides

Unread post by Elsa »

pnm, have a read through the Index to the Bookshelf where I am sure you will find some good recommendations too.

And one for the Bird Field guides :thumbs_up:
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Re: Recommendations for Field guides

Unread post by Yoda »

Agree with above.
Have a look in the “Bookshelf” section
There are so many books on the topics you are interested in
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Re: Recommendations for Field guides

Unread post by Barb15584 »

In a single book, we found the "Kgalagadi Self-Drive" to be invaluable for our trip. It is available in both hard and soft copy.
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