Mopani Rest Camp

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Mopani Rest Camp

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I love Mopani. It is my favourite camp when we use conventional accommodation (not camping). However, we had a bit of a bad experience when we stayed in Chalet 101 during 12 - 14 Nov a month ago.

101 has a magnificent view over the dam. Unfortunately it is very close to No 100 - merely 5 metres apart. The first night (a Thursday) was wonderful with no visitors in 100. Late afternoon of the 13th, a mini bus full of visitors, arrived at No 100. And gone was the tranquility we have always experienced during our visits to Mopani. A few chalets "share" a parking area. The Friday night our new neighbours, and also other friends of them staying in other chalets, decided that the parking area was the place to gather. They were rather noisy, but we coped with it. However, the next morning when we walked to our vehicle to depart on our morning game drive, we could not believe what we saw. The parking area was a mess of empty liquor bottles and tins.

When we returned late morning, the party has started on No 101's stoep. I reckon 20 - 30 people gathered on the stoep and in front of 101. They were loud and noisy. Later the music started playing. Wood was gathered in front of 101 and a fire was made on the ground with a big three-legged pot on it. We decided to go on a afternoon drive. When we returned it was obvious that the majority of the people were intoxicated. The music was really loud now. I did not want to confront them or even report them to camp management as I was scared that we maybe targeted for spoiling their fun. However, later I could not take the music anymore. I walked over and asked one of the older gentlemen in the group whether they would mind to turn down the volume of the music. I have to admit that they complied to my request and totally switched off the music after a while.

Fortunately the had their meal quite early and after that the situation calmed down quite a lot. The bit of loud talking and laughing that carried on, on the stoep was quenched by our aircon when we went to bed. But oh my - we could not believe our eyes when we packed and left for Shingwedzi the next morning. The stoep and the whole area in front of No 100 was a total mess. These people came to the park for one big party - they obviously had nothing else in mind. Their vehicles did not leave the camp once between their arrival the Friday afternoon and when we left the Sunday morning.
Our neighbour who stayed in 102, a bit further away, came to me while I packed my vehicle and actually sympathized with us for what we had to bear with. Fortunately the next 3 nights in Shingwedzi and the following 3 nights in Bateleur helped to forget the worst experience we have ever had in Kruger.

Afterwards I heard from relatives in Phalaborwa and friends in Tzaneen that Mopani, and to a lesser extend Letaba, became notorious for these type of parties over weekends. I don't know how true it is, but mine was a bad experience.
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Re: Mopani Rest Camp

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Stoffel, I am really sorry you had to endure what sounds like a horrific experience at Mopani in what should have been a wonderful time in a lovely unit and view.
Its just a pity you didn't call the duty manager as I know Mopani management generally keep a very tight ship and its a well run camp, who would have sorted out the issues asap.

Please would you send a mail to [email protected] with all the details as above so it can be directed to the correct department and made sure this doesn't occur again.

I am going to lock the topic in accordance with the Rules of the Service Related Forum

If you want to report any feedback please do contact me or anyone of the other mods and we will unlock it for that purpose.

Many thanks
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