Winners of 2016 Forum Awards

SANParks Competitions and Forum Awards
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Winners of 2016 Forum Awards

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Congratulations to all the nominees and to the winners in the Forum Awards 2016! It is an honour, but also a responsibility, to be acknowledged in this way!

A big vote of thanks to all the Forum Award Committee members who did an excellent job to choose the nominees, and encouraged us all to vote!

They are:


A big thanks to everyone who voted! In total there were 729 votes cast.

A couple of the awards were nail-biters, where one or two votes made the difference, and there was even a tie for one of the awards.

The winners are:

Cammer of the Year - Binocular Award - ritad - Image

Face Book Fan of the Year - Sociable Weaver Award - Sipho Mabunda

Forumite of the year - Eagle Award - A tie - Grantmissy Image and Meandering Mouse - Image

Guru of the Year - Owl Award - rodgerh Image

Sighting of the Year- Bird - Fish Eagle Award - Goronta Owl: Pel's Fishing

Sighting of the Year - Non Predator - Antelope Award - PJL Aardwolf in broad daylight!
IMG_9169 PJL.jpg

Sighting of the Year - Predator - Honeybadger Award - Caracal Crocodile vs Crocodile

Sighting of the Year - Small creatures and/or Insects - Butterfly Award - WillieV Leeudril Mice can climb shrubs! Image

Travel Tale of the Year - KNP Kruger Campfire Award - Jan van Wyk Jan van Wyk HIT the Jackpot - TR April 2016

Travel Tale of the Year - KTP - KTP Campfire Award - GavinW Image Camping with Petronella: KTP May 2016

Travel tale of the Year - Smaller Parks - Small Parks Campfire Award - PJL Image Frost, Fires & Family Time: Winter in MZNP

Travel Tale of the Year - GavinW Image Camping with Petronella: KTP May 2016

Video of the Year - Bushbuck Award - Mads African Civet catching African Bull Frogs during the daytime in Kruger National Park
Don't forget to PM any Mod your Kudu nominations for the month.

If you want to list your Park Dates in the YR Thread then please PM me.
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