Mapungubwe N/P

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Mapungubwe N/P

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We spent the past long weekend in Mapungubwe National Park.
Although battling with draught, the park is still as breathtakingly beautiful as I remember it from our 1st visit 13yrs ago.
What I don't remember though is the herds of domestic animals (cattle, donkeys and goats) roaming free in the park!!!??
Along with the troops of Zimbabweans crossing the river through the park every day, that was utterly shocking abd disturbing to see!
There is so little food and water left for the wild animals and now they have to compete for it with hunderds of domestic animals intruding from Zimbabwe.
What about diseases transmitted to the wild animals from the cattle???
Surely this is not acceptable?
Mapungubwe is a game reserve and a World Heritage Site not a cattle farm for crying out loud!
SANPARKs should urgently take action or this gem will be lost forever!
Also, at the entrance gate we were informed that there is a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at the interpretive centre as well as a curio shop & tuck shop selling wood and ice
No one at the restaurant was interested to serve us. Too busy on their cell phones and eating their own lunch.
The curio shop was locked and the tuck shop had no ice or fire wood. We were told to go to Alldays or Musina to buy ice!!
Fortunately we managed to make our own ice in our fridge and was otherwise self-sufficient as we always are.
Its just a shame that one come to expect the same SANPark standard across the board and then this happens...
Fortunately nature did not dissapoint us and we were blessed with wonderful game viewing amongst the rocky outcrops studded with majestic Boabab trees

I forgot to take photos if the cattle, donkeys and goats but here are some evidence of the Zimbabweans crossing the Limpopo river taken from the Treetop Boardwalk.


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Re: Mapungubwe N/P

Unread post by Elsa »

Welcome to the forum esmeven!

Glad you had a good trip in the beautiful Mapungubwe
but sorry for the disappointments and non service delivery.

Please would you send a mail to [email protected] with details, time dates places etc all you have listed here so it can be passed to the correct department and managers and hopefully rectified.

As per the rules of the Service Related Forum this topic will be locked.
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