Lower Sabie Rest Camp

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Lower Sabie Rest Camp

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This probably fits better in here instead of the photo thread but well:

Would anyone of SANParks please make a statement about the absurd (or rather fraudulent if you ask me) situation with the Lower Sabie tents?

Little bit more than a year ago, SANParks did build 5 great new units called LBVST2 - Luxury Tents added to the Lower Sabie accommodation choice, all of them positioned between the "old" existing tents and the fuel station, thus having bush view.
They also added later on a single LRVST2 - Unit, a river view unit with (more or less, slightly smaller) similar size, extent & interior.

Compared to the prior LSTU2 and LST2 - units, this was not only a big upgrade but also quite a steep increase of price (before: ~R1000, after: ~R1700). For some time, the shabby old ones did exist parallel with the newer ones. This can also be clearly seen here in this (still officially linked) map on the SANParks website:
https://www.sanparks.org/images/parks/k ... ie-map.jpg

Recently (for the 2018/19 holiday season?) SANParks decided to finally refurbish also their older units, all the LST2 and LSTU2 units. It's not completely done but much of them have been refurbished.
Now, every sane person would assume that those units would still sell as LST2 and LSTU2, as they are clearly different and a lot less luxurious.

However, SANParks decided out of nowhere (to maximise profit?) to fool their customers and "turned" all the old LST2 and LSTU2 units into LBVST2/LRVST2 units! Suddenly not only the old units sell a lot more but also SANParks is using the deceiving beautiful pictures of their new luxury units and tricks customers in believing what they book looks exactly like that when in fact the probability of getting one of those units is slim, especially with the river view units!
Currently available are 8 river view units with just 1 (one!) of them being actually luxurious as promised, out of the 13 bush view tents just 5 are new.
But promised is the following:
https://www.sanparks.org/parks/kruger/c ... 31&resort=
https://www.sanparks.org/parks/kruger/c ... 30&resort=

Now don't get me wrong: I still love the tents in Lower Sabie and I have been staying in the old tents when the were literally falling apart. But this was a) at a lower price and b) it had fitting images and c) you didn't feel cheated on arrival

So PLEASE dear management do:
- adjust the price again and separate those categories
- put up correct pictures
- refurbish the units so that they are more or less similar

The situation as it is now can only be working because Lower Sabie & the tents are hugely popular and even if SANParks aggrevates their customers, new naives ones will fill up the gap - irrelevant of the possible long term damage and reputation they are getting.

Kind Regards,
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Re: Lower Sabie Rest Camp

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Dear KOa_Master,
Please would you send this to [email protected] with all the details as you have described here.

This topic will be locked in accordance to the Rules of the Service Related Forum but you can request it to unlocked in order to post any feedback.
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Re: Lower Sabie Rest Camp

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According to the rules of this forum, I'm posting the reply I received and would like to say that I appreciate this option & the way complaints are handled. Now I just hope it will be followed by actions.

Dear F.,

Many thanks for your recent feedback regarding the tents at Lower Sabie. We are in process of completing the refurbishment of the outstanding tents and apologise for the images of the newer larger ones being used to represent all new and refurbished tents. This will be corrected in order not to misrepresent the different tents we have there. On the categories, it was decided to limit this to bush view and river view only. Rates on the old tents were kept lower due to the poor condition of these and this was corrected once the refurbishment was completed and rates corrected. You will note that tents are roughly R50 cheaper than the chalets in the older part of the camp. The refurbishment of the older tents is actually a “rebuild” as they were indeed rebuilt from floor level, with air-conditioning added, solid walls with either a new deck or solid floor, a permanent IBR roof and aluminum windows included. I trust that you understand and support our position in this regard and let me know if there are any queries. Please note that on the rebuilding of some of the remaining tents, we will be providing a few with four beds in order to be more family friendly.

Wishing you many more enjoyable visit to Lower Sabie and the Kruger National Park.

With kind regards.

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Re: Lower Sabie Rest Camp

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Thanks for the feedback, kOa_Master 8)
I am now locking this topic again.
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