filtering of cam topics facility

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filtering of cam topics facility

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I, personally, am not interested in the cam shots every 15 minutes nor posting of the same, nor discussion of the same... I simply want to see discussions of KNP etc etc

I know a number of forum members are active in these threads, to which they are welcome to contribute... However these posts simply fill the active topics section which means I (and others may) miss other more significant postings.

SANParks web teams - Can the forum ( (active topics) be filtered for cam and non-cam enthusiasts or better still by Major Topic by member?
You can keep the default as 'inclusive' for SanParks marketing but can other members be allowed to filter out non-relevant posts to them ?

otherwise my enthusiasm for the forums diminishes even more rapidly than it has done over the past couple of years. :cry: :cry: :cry:
I would contribute more if I could see more (non-cam) threads in the quick links .. and might even be able to find the bird-id/duckling challenges and other wildlife threads..
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Re: filtering of cam topics facility

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Hi inyanga, can you post a screen grab of what you see?
- Dalene
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Re: filtering of cam topics facility

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Inyanga1, why don't you just use the main index page, which is what I have always done. I can find the threads that I'm interested in easily and ignore the rest --- for example, Quizzes, Chit-Chat and Webcams. I still can't avoid the "favourite photo" topics within the forums that I'm most interested in, but I can ignore those threads and once I've read the posts that interest me, I can just click on "mark all topics as read" to clear away what I'm not interested in seeing. For me at least, this gives me a good level of control :D :whistle:
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