Dog food delight for Mokala

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Dog food delight for Mokala

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Dog food delight for Mokala

"Where Endangered Species Roam"...Mokala National Park is SANParks' newest park. It is situated about 70km south-southwest of Kimberley, and west of the N12 freeway to Cape Town. Nestled in the hills, Mokala's landscape boasts a variety of koppieveld (hills) and large open plains and is also home to Roan and Sable Antelopes, Tsessebe, Blue Wildebeest as well as White and Black ***.

SANParks Honorary Rangers (SHR): Virtual Region, together with Diamantveld Region, recently responded to a request on the wish list for Mokala National Park to supply dog food for the two dogs they have deployed as part of their anti-poaching initiatives in the park. It was required and advised that the dogs get good food high in energy and protein as they need to be productive when working. Twenty bags of food were purchased by funds donated by stakeholders as well as the Virtual and Diamantveld regions of the SHR.

A day in the life of a ranger's dog involves jumping into helicopters, tracking poachers in the national parks or searching for illegal firearms or *** horn potentially hidden in vehicles entering or leaving the park. Rangers dogs are often the first to respond to incidents of suspected poaching.
Referred to as the "game changers", the canine units of SANParks form an integral part of the anti-poaching teams and they perform an array of functions including the tracking of poachers in the fight against poaching and the detection of contraband at the entrance and exit points of the park.


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Re: Dog food delight for Mokal

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Well done to Sanparks Honorary Rangers - Virtual and Diamantsveld Regions for raising enough funds to purchase dog food for the two K9 Dogs at Mokala :clap: :clap:
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Mischief :P
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Re: Dog food delight for Mokala

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Nice to see the Doggies are happy with that delish food My dogs tell me its delish as they get the same . well done SANparks honorary rangers .
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Re: Dog food delight for Mokala

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Isn't it just amazing how potatoes give us fries and vodka? :D The rest of the vegetables should get their act together :rtm:
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