SHR Re-Engineering Roadshow

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SHR Re-Engineering Roadshow

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SHR Bushveld Region

Phillip Strauss, SHR National Chairperson conducted the SHR re-engineering road show during the SHR Bushveld regional monthly meeting in February. The presentation was characterised by a healthy discourse and some pertinent questions – representing the most frequently asked questions – were raised by concerned regional members.

Strauss clarified the proposed modifications to me made to the SHR Constitution, whereby it is proposed that the SHR should differentiate between governance and management structures. These proposed changes would create a structure to take care of organisational responsibilities as well as a structure, the SHR Board, to oversee management.

Phillip indicated Regions will still maintain control of their own regional funds generated through membership fees, sponsor, donors and/or fundraising exercises. This organisational structure would generate funds to enhance the conservation efforts of the SHR in national parks and would even be able to channel funds, for such conservation activities, to the smaller SHR regions

The sacrosanct ethos of the SHR, a voluntary organization promoting nature conservation in South Africa in support of SANParks, will not be affected. Strauss emphasised that the SHR identity and brand would not only be protected but enhanced and more SHR members would have more time and opportunity to engage in nature conservation activities

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