Replacement/Cleaning of Photobucket Photos

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Replacement/Cleaning of Photobucket Photos

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Dear all,

The process to attend to Photobucket photos that don’t show anymore, will commence with immediate effect.

With reference to DinkyBird’s announcement regarding Photobucket photos that don’t show anymore, Attention Photobucket users, the mod team are working on a process of taking off posts and comments where photos no longer show, which will be filed in an archive.

Please note that no posts or topics will be deleted! If you have indicated per PM to one of the Mods/FAs that you intend to replace your photos that don’t show anymore, the Mod/FA will indicate to you which posts/topics are applicable. All topics/posts will be kept in the archive until you have time to replace your photos, even after the six month period as indicated in DinkyBird's announcement. On your request, the topics/posts will be moved back to the forum for edit purposes.

You can replace the photos via the Attachment option on the website, or any other hosting site of your choice.
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