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Accommodation - ask all your questions here

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Re: Accommodation - ask all your questions here

Unread post by UtaD » Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:33 pm

I would by no means skip Olifants. There are two spots on earth that are like haeven to me. One is the terrace of the North Rim at Grand Canyon, the other one ist the terrace at Olifants.
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Re: Accommodation - ask all your questions here

Unread post by Kendall M » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:32 pm

nquinn wrote:I posted above a bit about a rough schedule heading from Lower Sabie to Olifants, but it sounded like that might be too long of a drive?

How would you guys recommend breaking up 6-7 days if not doing that connection? Add 1 night in Satara?

Dec 4th - arrive Lower Sabie/sleep (maybe a night safari but not much)
Dec 5th - Lower sabie morning walk / sunset drive
Dec 6th - self drive from lower sabie to Satara. Sunset drive Satara. Sleep Satara
Dec 7th - Morning drive Satara. Self drive to Olifants / do a sunset or night drive.
Dec 8th - Olifants
Dec 9th - Olifants
Dec 10th - Depart/Olifants

I could also possibly add one more day. Any better way to do this? I've seen some charts showing drive times in the 5.5hr range from sabie to olifants, but obviously would be stopping along the way. Not sure if that would be a horrible day.

I suppose I could also skip Olifants entirely if it's too much headache.

Hey nquinn,

Here's my 2 cents :wink: Personally, I would be inclined to only stay at 2 camps if you've only got 6 nights in KNP. 3 nights in each camp would give you time to explore each area without the feeling of constantly packing up & moving to a new destination. Remember you are on holiday :wink:

I would spend 3 nights at Lower Sabie or Crocodile Bridge & 3 nights at Satara or Tamboti. The South & Central KNP are excellent for game viewing as the animal populations are a lot denser than up north...but you do have the people factor to deal with :wink:

I would definitely do a Sunset Drive or Morning Walk at each Camp - they are SO worth it! I wouldn't worry about doing a guided morning drive so much as the gates open super early in Summer, 04:30am if memory serves :lol:

As you'll see everyone has such great advice on this Forum & you're bound to find something that suits you :D You just need to decide what your priorities are :wink: Just don't forget, you are on holiday - you can't see all of KNP in 7 days. Enjoy the beauty that is KNP & don't spend all day on the roads - enjoy sitting at the Hides & dams. Take it all in :D
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