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WackoRhino Red sand on the soles of our shoes AUG '12

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Re: Red sand on the soles of our shoes

Unread post by WackoRhino » Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:27 am

Elsa, this is quite interesting! I will ask the experts.

Normana53 I have reach the end of my report (just writing a small epilogue now) but I post one more AWC photo for you :wink:. It shows that we were lucky to see the second cat awake, as he prepared for a nap just one minute later...

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Re: Red sand on the soles of our shoes

Unread post by WackoRhino » Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:49 pm

Leanewel, how I understand your impatience :)
hilda, 7 times AWC is way more that I expected !
billyf, sure I want to come back :D
Meandering Mouse, all good things come to an end, but I will still be able to listen to Johnny Clegg :wink:
barryels, I indeed came back with red of next trip is very uncertain :(
Rookie, c'est mon plaisir :wink:
Elsa, the case of the brubru is still a matter of debate...some expert say yes, some no...wait and see
Now for the last part

Epilogue: to surface…

When I travel in an arid environment, there is always one moment when I think about this sentence from René Char: “affleurer dans cet espace d’une minceur effrayante où se produit la vie” (to surface in this frighteningly thin space where life happens).

In KTP, I could really feel the thinness of this space. We had long moments when nothing happened and then suddenly Wow! just like if we had difficulties to surface at the right level…we were often too low and sometimes too high (with the raptors? :) )

The topography of the park carries the same idea. If you are in Nossob and sleep there the next night, you fool around Nossob. The same with TR. The geography forces you to stay in a “thin” space.

It is all the more true for reservations. There is very little space available. I took my reservations almost one year in advance and I could only have one night in Nossob. :slap:

Finally, Meerkattitude and I found KTP very different from KNP but we loved it as much! The consequence is that now we HAVE to come back to both parks! :lol:

When we come back we will try to stay 10 days and stay around Nossob for more than one night because we clearly had not enough time there. We will also try to come in August or October to see a different KTP.

Unfortunately, this come back is not for next year, hopefully 2014, but maybe then KNP will have precedence. :hmz:

So I will continue to pace the forum and think often about the beloved SanParks...

Now I will let this relative of mine that I met some 1000 km north of KTP say goodbye to you all :wink:


Thanks again to all the readers and especially those who put comments. :clap: :thumbs_up:
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