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S 100

Discuss the different camps and roads of the Kruger National Park
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S 100

Unread post by wildtuinman » Mon Feb 21, 2005 7:20 am

Another thread of Satara made me think a topic for this one:

I have driven the s100 numerous times and have never seen any of the big 5 on it except for a herd of about 100 elephants.

Has anyone else ever had luck on it? I have heard many people in the Park saying that it was the best road and that they have seen either lions or leopard on every occasion that they have driven that road.

I had alot more luck on the Nwanetsi road. There I've seen LIPS, rhino and 2 honeybadgers.

How do you rate the S100? Apart from this beautifull sunrise I'll give it a 6/10. It is scenic, but no luck with the big 5 or cheetahs etc!

S110 sunrise:
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Unread post by iLoveMeerkats! » Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:09 am

Do you have a favorite spot along the s100 for seeing the sunrise?

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Unread post by Guinea Pig » Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:15 am

The whole of the S100 will do as it runs in an easterly direction. 8) Just make sure you go there first thing and remember everybody does - it resembles the Skukuza Highway on any given morning. :lol:
Looking forward 5 nights at Satara in November. :dance:

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Unread post by francoisd » Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:36 am

I must agree that the S100 is a little over rated.
I must however add that we have seen lion, buffalo and elephant on this road but have much better luck on the H7 towards Orpen.
The S100 and S127 (from H1-4 to Timbavati) are the only roads in the park where we have found Secretary birds on a regular basis.

Although "over rated" in my opinion I cannot help myself from traveling this road at least once when in the area!
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Unread post by Meg » Mon Feb 21, 2005 9:48 am

I have seen all the big 5 on the S100, as well as some nice waterbuck sightings, but then I've travelled it about a million times.
Often we find we drive down and see very little.
Similarly with the S90 - I don't believe I've ever looked at the sightings board in Satara without someone having put a pin for cheetah either on or near the S90, but so far we've never seen cheetah on that road.
An excuse to go back and try again I guess :wink:
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Unread post by DinkyBird » Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:25 pm

All I can add is that I have driven the s100 a good few times and never had much luck...but that will never stop me from going along it again in the future because you just never know and that is what Kruger is all about!
- Dalene

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Unread post by Oumie » Tue Feb 22, 2005 9:28 am

We have seen all the big 5 on the S100(Ben Schoeman highway)
We go to Satara every year and we also spend the Millinuim there.
Went on a special New Years eve night drive and just a minute after midnight we saw 3 prides of Lion on that road.
Last year we saw a Leopard saving her cub from a small puddle of water in the river bank.
The little one followed her and slipped into the water, so she took the first one onto the dry ground and fetched the other one out of the water.
Also saw a cheetah stalking a Impala saw him/her and fled into the bushes.
I think it is one of the best roads, but the Sweni is our no 2 and Ngrivane is our no1 :!:
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Unread post by ruud » Wed Feb 23, 2005 9:58 am

Hi all,

when we are in Kruger, we stay almost 15 days at satara and we drive the S100 almost everyday , sometimes twice.
I think it is one of the best, we have seen lots and lots of lions, also with a kill early in the morning and we have very nice pics of that.... several leopard, wild dogs a few times, and many elephant, buffs giraffes, waterbucks. sebra's to many to count,white Rhino, giant eagleowl, and much much more. Maybe we have a lot of luck, but it is really one of our favourite roads and also Girivana.

But we have to wait till spetember before we are back in Kruger,..........its to long....

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Unread post by Ngonyam » Fri Apr 08, 2005 4:59 pm

I believe that the S100 of the late '80s early 90's deserved it's reputation. But in recent times has not been as productive.

On one day in 1992, we travelled the road three times. We enjoyed five lion sightings (all close to or on the road), the highlight being a pride of 17 stalking and narrowly missing a herd of Zebra.

We also had two cheetah sightings (one male resting under a tree after being chased by a troop of babboon, and a female leading her two cubs down to have a drink in the river bed), one bold male leopard (walking along the road) and a massive herd of elephants. As the general game was also plentiful, we spent the whole day enjoying this one fantastic stretch of road in Kruger, truly amazing! :D

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Unread post by Hassim » Wed May 04, 2005 10:21 am

I have to totally disagree with you guys this time.
This weekend I got to see 8 lions walking along the S100 for about 20 minutes before they went into the bush. In January, I saw 3 lionesses stalking zebra along this route.
Not to mention buffalo, zebra & wildebeest herds, elephant and other general game. :)
Pure luck, maybe!

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Unread post by Patto » Wed May 04, 2005 2:26 pm

I must say that this road is one of my favourites in the park.
I have seen a pride of lion who had recently killed a Buffalo(its body was emitting a lot of steam) right next to the road.
Could not see the kill because it happened before the gates opened in the morning.
Have also seen cheetah, leopard, huge buffalo herds, elephant as well as a honey-badger during the day.
I must say it is a beautiful road, not only for animal sightings, but also for the scenery!!!
Whenever i am in the area it is definitely the first road to be driven!!!

mr badger
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Unread post by mr badger » Thu Jun 23, 2005 10:32 am

Absolutely patience can pay off. Last year we stopped on the S100 on one of the short loop roads to the river. Shortly after cutting our engine a serval come down to drink & we spent about 5 mins watching it :D [/img]

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Unread post by wildtuinman » Mon Jul 11, 2005 10:38 am

Although I hate the S100 as a result of lack of great personal sightings other visitors have had on this road it, is a good one.

I love the Nwanetsi tar road going towards the Nwanetsi picnic spot. Used to be a resident leopard living in a drainage pipe under the road there. Also had great luck with rhinos and badgers on this specific road.

In actual fact all roads around Satara are extremely good. The H1-4 north of Satara does provide sightings of cheetah.

The whole area is excellent for viewing raptors.

Enjoy once more!!!

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Re: S100

Unread post by Oumie » Thu Dec 01, 2005 6:35 pm

Jakkalsbessie wrote: There is a small little turn off where you can park right next to the river (...)

I am sure it is the same spot where we saw our LIT in June!
Lovely spot to catch a few zzzz in the afternoon :wink:

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Unread post by Jakkalsbessie » Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:57 am

:lol: well i have seen so MANY things on this stunning road (probably why it is 1 of my favourites :wink: )

LITS 4 times - 1 being chased up into a Marula by a huge male lion... & LIT trying to balance on a branch 8)
LOGS on numerous occasions & some very close to the car.
Also LIR.

Cheetah various times... highlight when we saw the whole hunting process, chasing the impala, killing it and then best of all starting to call her cubs... 3 cute ones, and they all feasted on the kill.

Lions uncountable number of times... also some kills and some even too close for comfort :shock:

BIG herds of Buffs, ellies, zebra, wildebeest & other game.
Rhino's & hippos.
Serval, Civet, african wildcat few times... day & night.
LOTS of stunning birds (including long-crested eagle).

On all night drives this road produced something great :thumbs_up:
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