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Augrabies Falls NP: Advice

Augrabies, Kgalagadi, Mokala, Namaqua, |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld
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Re: From Augrabies to KTP.

Unread post by billyf » Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:38 pm

hi killabeez, and welcome to the forum.
There is in fact a short cut from Kakamas to KTP. This is the old road via Noenieput +- 200 kms of dirt road. (Not to be recommended).
Go via Upington, may be longer in distance, not in time and much more pleasant.
Have a great trip
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Re: From Augrabies to KTP.

Unread post by killabeez » Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:30 am

Thanx guys for all the warm welcomes. Due to insuffecient time, 3 days is all we can manage at this time. So we will most def be going through Upington then. Anyone else going during this time? Hope to see a lot of yellow ribbons in the park.

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Re: From Augrabies to KTP.

Unread post by GavinW » Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:39 am

Hey Billyf- I remember doing that route and having one of the most stressful drives I can remember along that road. It was pitch black and the surface very sandy. It seemed to take me forever!!!( We left the then Kalahari Gemsbok Park too late and neede to get to Augrabies
Also remember seeing black eagles along that road as well
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Re: Are the Augrabies Falls worth it in June?

Unread post by bert » Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:47 am

Been there end of may last year
Was still very impressive and all the different viewpoints to look into the dept are awesome.
The main fall doesnt hold much water but the river still flows strong
with the sound of thunder.
And one of the best places in the world to see klipspringer and dassie.

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Re: Are the Augrabies Falls worth it in June?

Unread post by Jonkers » Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:33 am

I have to agree with the others!
We've been at Augrabies over the last 5 years in either June or July and every time it was worth the visit, even if the falls where not really "big falls"
and yes the dassies make us stop time after time

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Re: Are the Augrabies Falls worth it in June?

Unread post by Tongasabi » Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:08 pm

The nice bit of Augrabies is the fact you can do a hike along the gorge. So not just looking at the falls or driving through the park. We did the 3 hour "dassie walk" which I would recommend above e.g. doing a game drive (you can do both off course). IMO two nights at the park is enough and the falls are nice but not that impressive if you've been travelling to other places (and falls) all over globe. The hike and view into the gorge are best!

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Unread post by nev » Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:45 pm

I wonder if anybody travelling form Joburg to Augrabies has camped at Olifantshoek: is there a choice or a good reccomendation? I believe that Kathu which is not too far away also has a campsite.

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Re: Olifantshoek

Unread post by Suzz » Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:58 pm

Why not drive straight through? We are going to do that in May. Just leave EARLYYYYYY in the morning, around 3 or 4am, and you should be there by 16:00 in the afternoon.
Planning our next trip...

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Re: Augrabies Falls NP: ADVICE

Unread post by Skyjuggler » Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:04 am

Greetings... So, my girlfriend is stuck in the UK and me in Durbs and we spend hours (while skyping) staring at the webcams and reading these forums, but only today have I taken the plunge with my first post...

On her return we're planning a trip to KTP and were thinking about doing a couple of nights in Augrabies so I have just two questions...

Bearing in mind that KTP is the greater part of our trip, how long do you think we should put aside for Augrabies? Will two nights be enough to do a few walks etc?

Secondly, reading about the Baboons, are they bad enough yet to offset the overall enjoyment of the park? Or should it just be chalked down as one of those other things we enjoy in Africa?

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Re: Augrabies Falls NP: ADVICE

Unread post by Jonkers » Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:20 am

Two nights is the minimum if you want to do a few walks and a drive.

We have been at Augrabies in 2004, 05, 06 and 07 and only in 2004 we had the baboons close to our chalet. A group ( sitting lined up ) 5 meters in front of the chalet watching us for a couple of hours. It made us uncomfortable being watched and judged perhaps? for every move we made. So we just looked at them and vice versa.
We have not seen them the other years. I wonder if we'll see them this time.

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Unread post by schliek » Fri May 29, 2009 11:58 pm


In july we will visit Augrabies NP.
Are there restaurants in or near Augrabies NP?
And shop where we can buy bread?



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Re: restaurants

Unread post by Pumbaa » Sat May 30, 2009 12:12 am

Hi Schliek,

there is indeed a restaurant in Augrabies and moreover same is fantastic. I can highly recommend same especially the butterfish in garlic butter -

Also the shop is very well stocked and bread is also for sale as well as a few other things.

Enjoy your stay there

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Wildcard renewal at Augrabies?

Unread post by Dandelion » Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:02 pm

Hi all

Does anyone know if we can renew our Wild card at Augrabies?

Your help will be appreciated. :

We are so lucky

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Re: Wildcard renewal at Augrabies?

Unread post by Boorgatspook » Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:06 pm

Yes, you can at reception

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Best time to visit Augrabies and KTP

Unread post by MauPerks » Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:01 pm

We go to KNP every year but are now planning our very first trip to Augrabies and KTP. When are the falls usually at their best, we were thinking either May or August. How long do you recommend we need to enjoy and appreciate both Augrabies and KTP.
As birders we would like to also go to best bird viewing sites.


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