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Invasive alien: Water hyacinth

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Unread post by BunnyHugger » Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:43 am

Thanks Restio, Christo.

The article was a bit above the level at which I was interested, but I ploughed on gamely.

A question arises though on the weevil and the control of it once it has "done it's work". There was some concern expressed anout it detroying other flora (vegitation) in the park or areas where it may have been used. This is a concern of mine as well and I don't see any comments on that aspect.

BTW, does anyone know how the whole hyacinth invasion began in SA. I was at Hartebeespoort dam a couple of years ago and the smell of the place put me off to the extent that I will never go back there again. (Not parks related but related to this specific problem).

(Mods, please feel free to move this topic or merge it with the thread dealing with Hyacinth if deemed appropriate.)

I am glad though that Sunset dam has been cleared. It is such a cool spot for a sundowner just before the gates close. I have also enjoyed being there just to watch the aerobatics of the bee eaters. I found them fascinating to watch.
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