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Birding: Mountain Zebra Park

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Birding: Mountain Zebra Park

Unread post by j-ms » Sun Jan 21, 2007 8:38 pm

Just got back from Mountain Zebra Park (about my 10th trip there over the last few years). Picked up 61 species in the 2 days, listed below.

The most notable IMHO was a Jacobin Cuckoo up on Rooiplats being mobbed by a Common Fiscal Shrike. Not the average territory for the Fiscal (find them mostly in the valley near the campsite and on the Karoo vlaktes near the entrance to the park) but well out of accepted range for the Cuckoo, most usually not far from the East Coast.

If you are into Larks (and their allies) and Chats, MZNP is the place to go. In this and previous trips we have picked up
Chats: Ant-eating, Buff-streaked, Familiar, Karoo, Sickle-winged and Tractrac.
Larks: Eastern Clapper, Eastern Long-billed, Large-billed, Red-capped, Spike-heeled
Pipits: African, African Rock, Plain-backed
Also Cape Wagtail and Cape Longclaw

Species Seen This Weekend
Apalis, Bar-throated
Barbet, Acacia Pied
Batis, Pririt
Batis, Pririt
Boubou, Southern
Bulbul, African Red-eyed
Bunting, Cape
Bunting, Cinnamon-breasted
Bunting, Lark-like
Chat, Ant-eating
Chat, Buff-streaked
Chat, Karoo
Chat, Sickle-winged
Cormorant, White-breasted
Crane, Blue
Cuckoo, Jacobin
Dove, Laughing
Dove, Red-eyed
Drongo, Fork-tailed
Eagle, Verreauxs'
Falcon, Amur
Finch, Scaly-feathered
Francolin, Grey-winged
Goose, Egyptian
Goshawk, Southern Pale Chanting
Greenbul, Sombre
Guineafowl, Helmeted
Ibis, Hadeda
Kestrel, Rock
Kingfisher, Brown-hooded
Lark, Eastern Clapper
Lark, Eastern Clapper
Lark, Spike-heeled
Longclaw, Cape
Martin, Rock
Mousebird, Speckled
Mousebird, White-backed
Ostrich, Common
Palm-Swift, African
Pipit, African
Pipit, African Rock
Pipit, Plain-backed
Plover, Three-banded
Quail, Common
Robin-Chat, Cape
Scrub-Robin, Karoo
Shrike, Common Fiscal
Shrike, Common Fiscal
Sparrow-Weaver, White-browed
Starling, Cape Glossy
Starling, Pale-winged
Starling, Pied
Starling, Red-winged
Stonechat, African
Sunbird, Amethyst
Swallow, Barn
Swallow, Greater Striped
Turtle-Dove, Cape
Waxbill, Common
Weaver, Cape
Whydah, Pin-tailed

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