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Amazing things seen from/within Camp fences

Discuss the different camps and roads of the Kruger National Park
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Sightings in/from camps in KNP

Unread post by Nina! » Sat Feb 02, 2008 1:48 pm

In September 2006, we saw a genet in Berg-en-Dal camp. In the evening, we had a braai and sat in front of the fireplace when my husband told me to slowly look behind me. There it was: a beautiful genet, sitting right before the terrace, watching us calmly. It was great. Such a beautiful animal. The genet stayed there for approx. 5 minutes and even did not mind that we took a picture :-) It must have liked the smell of our food. After some minutes it left (disappointed?), obviously in search of food.
The evening before, we saw a hyena patrolling the fence outside Berg-en-dal camp just at sunset. And the year before, in June, we had also seen a hyena outside the camp, also at sunset.
In that year (2005), we also saw an elephant standing directly at the fence. He was just centimeters away and seemed to curiously watch the people inside the camp. That was great, too.

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Unread post by Pjw » Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:27 pm

In the late 1980's my SO and i were staying at Olifants in one of the viewsite chalets and were braaing our dinner at the edge of the cliff. We were on the verandah and the braai was just off the verandah. Suddenly a large bird dropped out of the sky and stole a chop of the braai. It all happened so fast I could only guess it was a hawk, but thats not even an educated guess as I didn't really see the bird. We got a huge fright but laughed at ourselves afterwards.

In 2006 we were picnicing at Timbavati watching those "tame"bushbuck demanding food from the tourists. A squirrel had also learnt the begging trick, but had forgotten the basic rule of the bush -be vigilant at all times. So a yellow billed kite dived and got himself an easy dinner. It was quite spectactular and for quite some time afterwards the birds and squirrels were very nervous!
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Unread post by Boorgatspook » Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:46 pm

Although many might not think that snakes are interesting sightings inside camps (i tend to agree with that) does it seems that i have the ability to get face to face with them quite regulary. :shock: Last year during June when mom and i were staying at Orpen and after i returned from the cam waterhole i almost stepped on a puffadder that was on its way along our stoep.
Then this year during the cricket weekend i was on my way to the mens bathrooms late nite, got a bit lost ending up at the ladies, and what i got was another snake :roll: Got a scare of my live because it raise it's head up high. (might be a black mamba but can't say for sure) Needles to say i froze instantly in my steps, to scared to breathe, eventually it disappeared into some bushes nearby. I never got to the men's, wasn't needed any more...

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Unread post by Jose » Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:49 pm

My all-time best sighting of an animal inside a Kruger camp (i.e. not including unfenced-not-to-be-mentioned-here bushcamps elsewhere) - until now - happened in Skukuza, during the recent cricket week-end: thick-tailed bushbaby. In the tree right next to my bungalow...
Picture this: approx. 1 AM... friend and I sit outside, talking. We hear a rustling of leaves, look up, and there they are: a mom and youngster. They climb down tree, we silently move closer. The four of us (2 humans, 2 bushbabies) end up examining eachother from about 1.5 m distance max, for at least 10/15 mins.
And of course the camera was in the car... :roll:
Don't you just love them tuskers? 8)

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Re: Interesting sighting INSIDE the fence

Unread post by RUMURUTI » Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:28 pm

Followed this big chap at Letaba for over an hour. He decided he wanted a squirrel for his braai and took a looong time to understand squirrels are too fast for him!
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Re: Interesting sighting INSIDE the fence

Unread post by RUMURUTI » Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:10 pm

michel367 wrote:Best I have done so far was a squirrel at Letaba. Not interesting enough to post though. :?

Saw lot's of those in all camps Michel
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Re: Interesting sighting INSIDE the fence

Unread post by Malealea » Fri Jan 29, 2010 6:50 pm

@ michel

If you ran then you should run in a zig zag otherwise the cobra will spit at you ;-). Any way the best thing to reackt, if you see a Cobra ist to stnd still. If you move the snake will attack.

The Squirrels are beutifull especialy the second picture is great!
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Re: Interesting sighting INSIDE the fence

Unread post by hoyle » Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:32 pm

A couple of years ago - about 3 I think, we were asleep in Tent 8 at Croc Bridge when I hurt an almighty crash, it was about 1 am. I jumped up - told my SO I think an elie had broken thro the fence. Next grabbed my camera and went outside - only to face an eating elie, broken fence, a couple of metres away from our tent. We phoned the ranger and they chased him/her straight thro another part of the fence. This had not been repaired by the time we left. Unfortunately my photo's were rather dark. By the time the rangers arrived he/she was eating next to the ablution block..
I believe this was not the first time this elie had done this.

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Loudest Night in the Kruger

Unread post by Carrim » Tue May 18, 2010 8:59 pm

After going to the Kruger for many years I had the most strange night ever .

We stayed in Lower Sabie in the furnished tent on the perimiter.

Once night fell , these egyptian geese didnt stop making noise till the morning . Then the hippos started and one sounded so loud we thought he is outside our hut. The lions started roaring and then the hyenas . The sound was so loud we just had to enjoy the evening , a real bush experience .It then sounded that a hippo was getting killed by both lion and hyena

My wife went to the bathroom as these furnished tents have their own WC and she found a huge iguana in the toilet and she had to go so she had to use the bush and a bat almost took her head off.
She woke alot of people with her screams
Something was hitting against our door and I thought it cant be a human must be an animal , when I went to the door to peep , I found an african wild cat trying to get in.

Was this the best night ever or the worst ? I loved it ,my wife needs counselling :(

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Re: Loudest Night in the Kruger

Unread post by okie » Fri May 28, 2010 8:58 pm

A few years ago , we spent a night in Shipandani birdhide . The hippos were quite rowdy as usual , and of course , after "lights-out" came out onto dry land to graze , and could be heard heard munching away . At one time , it seems one of them had a bad itch , and rubbed against the hide until it was shaking to the point of almost falling over . :roll:
At least , this is what my SO told me next day . She did not sleep a wink !
And me ?
Never heard a thing - I slept like a baby . :lol:
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Re: Loudest Night in the Kruger

Unread post by Goggo EJ » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:45 am

I was camping at Doispane (unfenced ex-ranger post) in a thin nylon tent...... Lions decided to visit the waterhole just behind the tent during the evening, and 'talked' to each other loudly. I sent my sister an sms - she replied 'just tell them to say grace'. In the morning I replied to her....'they did.....all night!' It was amazing.

Next night we had all gone to bed when unearthly screaming snarling growling noises woke us up. Someone shone a red spotlight, and I peered through the gauze of my tent from my bed.....and looked straight at a hyena just a few metres away! 2 hyenas were having a scrap about something. They moved off a bit, and I settled back to sleep (we were told the previous night to stay in our tents and we would be safe, so I put that advice to practice....). Then I heard rustling, and one hyena moved between my car and my tent, tripping over the guy ropes as it went! After that all went quiet and I slept....
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Re: Loudest Night in the Kruger

Unread post by amino » Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:50 am

I was at croc bridge 2 weeks back and the lions started their bed time stories at 21:00 and lasted for a while, it sounded like they were at the gate. Managed to find him in the morning near the hippo pools. I'm not complaining as I love that sound of lions roaring, but the wife :big_eyes: :doh:

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Re: Loudest Night in the Kruger

Unread post by Bren » Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:17 pm

In June 2011 we stayed at Tamboti for 2 nights. Amazing camp. :clap: While we were having our braai in the evening the elephants were grazing in the river bed and the baboons were on the opposite river bank forraging and playing in the trees, so it was one of those wonderful bushveld evenings. The elephants moved off and as night fell it was really quiet. The nightjars were calling and a lone hyena could be heard in the distance. Soon it was lights out and then all hell broke lose :twisted: . The baboons had obviously been lying in wait :sniper: and as soon as the last light in the camp went out, they all crossed the river bed and made their way into the camp. The raid was on! Dustbins were being attacked (depsite all the effort that has been put into making them baboon proof), tents were being used as trampolines and a fight club had been set up. The baboons were fighting and screaming, the hyenas in the river bed where cheering them on, the Franklins were more stressed than normal and the Guinea Foul had a lot to say about their sleep being disturbed. In the morning my husband told me that he needed to go to the toilet but he was too scared to venture out of the tent, so he spent the whole night just concentrating on how badly he needed the toilet, needless to say, at first light he was out the door like a cheetah to get to the toilets, but we stopped dead in our tracks when the honey badgers that were raiding the dustbin ran passed us. We still laugh about that night to this day. :lol:
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Re: Amazing things seen from/within Camp fences

Unread post by George P M » Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:59 pm

:D Seems this topic hasn't enjoyed any attention for a while! Let me be the one to start it off again!!

We spent 5 night at Tamboti recently - the camp was almost empty - and had quite a few nocturnal visitors! The resident Ratel swept by a few times, a Civet gave us the once-over on two of the nights, but the 'stars of the show' were two familes of Dwarf Mongooses (Mongeese? Mongii??) who scampered around the tent, as well as a Large-Spotted Genet who actually came up onto the deck a few times every night! And NO, we didn't feed them!! On the third night we were there, he brought along his mate as well.... Pity I don't speak Genet - they hung around for ages!! Just sat there, quietly looking at us! Would have loved to chat to them.......

Yes, the local Hyenas did their patrolling, and Yes, the local Vervets and Baboons hung around as well - tried a few times to rob us of our food - but the Genets were fabulous!

It's not only the 'big and hairies' that are captivating....

Just PLEASE don't feed any visitors.........

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Re: Amazing things seen from/within Camp fences

Unread post by Geckophobe » Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:36 am

We have never been so lucky with in-camp sightings as in the past week. We have never seen a honey-badger before- so in Tamboti we also had a few very nice sightings of the resident honey badger as well as the large-spotted genet, a large one and a smaller one. They also spent hours with us. These sightings were so special, and the kids were very excited. Unfortunately the monkeys managed to break into our tent- the tent (21, with a lovely view) was torn at the window in front and they managed to take a bag of biltong from the fridge top, and caused some havoc. So be careful. Then, in Skukuza my six year old daughter spotted bushbabies. There we were told by a very friendly couple that there were scops owls in the tree at number E114 in Satara. Low and behold, when we got to Satara, it just so happened that we got allocated huts number 113 and 114 :o and we could view the lovely little creatures all the time. We could hardly believe our luck. In Satara we merely had to stroll to the perimeter fence to be met by two huge hyenas (patrolling the fence), and an African wild cat- also a first for us.
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