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IQ and MP

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IQ and MP

Unread post by Fransmargate » Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:50 am

Hi all camera experts

I have a Canon 40D with a 100-400 lens which I use in Kruger. I enjoy taking photos of birds and if they are far away I have to crop the image quite a bit - I then seem to lose quite a bit of IQ. My camera, as you all know, has just over 10 MP.

My question now is : If I use a Canon camera body with 18 MP ( 60D or 7D) and take exactly the same photo as with my 40D and crop it the same will my IQ be so much better that I as a novice can immediately spot the differance?

I have somewhere read that the important thing is high quality lenses and that the body is not as important as the lense.
Please help : I am confused : :(


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Re: IQ and MP

Unread post by DuQues » Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:02 am

It is a bit of a question as there is more in play between those cameras. It is not just MP, but dynamic range as well.
The lens is the deciding factor mostly, but not entirely.
If you have a look at the gallery linked in my signature you will find many photos taken with the 7D & 100-400 combo. The ones in Kruger 2010 have been made with a 1D mark III, which is also a 10 MP camera.
All the photos carry EXIF information, so you can see what settings and camera I used.

And you do have more focuspoints with those cameras, so the rate of keepers goes up by a mile.
Not posting much here anymore, but the photo's you can follow here There is plenty there.

Feel free to use any of these additional letters to correct the spelling of words found in the above post: a-e-t-n-d-i-o-s-m-l-u-y-h-c

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Re: IQ and MP

Unread post by JimS » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:38 am


An interesting question. I shoot with 50D and a 7D, but have never used a 40D. I have found the 7D to produce slightly sharper images than the 50D using the same lens. This however could be because the 7D has a far better AF than the 50D. I have used a 100 - 400 for the last 12 years and found it a very versatile lens but with a few caveats, in my opinion. At 400 the image is softer than at 300, and when shooting distant objects, say over 15 metres the image also is softer than closer objects. The lens also hates any type of filter.

I also use a 400mm 5.6 prime lens which is very sharp at any distance, it is faster focusing than the 100 - 400 and is my standard lens for birds in flight. It may be worth you renting this lens for a few days and comparing the quality rather than buying a new camera. The lens does not have IS but I have not really found this to be a big problem. It does not have close focus so I borrow my wifes 70 - 200 for objects closer than 3 metres.

I also use a 500 4.0 which is incredible for image quality but is not a carry around lens. I think the lens makes the big difference not so much the camera.


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Re: IQ and MP

Unread post by Fransmargate » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:54 pm

DuQues and JimS - thank you for your valuable input.

I had a look at those photos - excellent.

It seems as though the technology from the time the 40D was tops to today has changed drastically. I hav e been looking at used 7D cameras on Outdoorphotos and it looks as approx R10 - R12000 is the going price.
Hopefully my wife reads this as my birthday is drawing closer.

Once again Thank you!!

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