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Commercial photography in the Parks

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Access to SANPARKS Jurisdiction

Unread post by crighton » Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:46 am

Good day all, I was going through the posts within the forum as I was looking for the answer to my question or more my situation.

What is needed to be a member of the SANPARK camera club?
Membership to this forum :think: application signed sealed and delivered
a camera :cam: 20D in the house 7D enroute

Now something to take a picture of :wall:

Last year November I applied via Vanessa Flecther to gain access to their parks with the purpose of taking photos and still no reply.

I have emailed, faxed and even called her ... :rtm: even asked higher powers to intervene :pray:
I have even welcomed and said farewell to two seasons :big_eyes: still not a permit in sight.

:hmz: My question then is, is there an alternate method of gaining access to these places with the intention of taking photos on sight legitimately or do we go out there like poaches and if caught spend the day in court and pay the necessary fine?

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Re: Access to SANPARKS Jurisdiction

Unread post by crighton » Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:32 am

I am but a novice at photography, :cam: so all photos taken will be for my own use and not for commercial purposes at best the good ones will go on a SD card to be displayed via a digital frame in my lounge and the great ones to be printed and framed to adorn the rooms of my house as a reminder of places within my country my wife and I have visited.

As far as area's are concerned, I would say all of them thus I would not have to bother SANPARKS or have to endure such a lengthy waiting period to gain access or the frustration :wall: of dealing with Vanessa Fletcher's sloth pace of getting things approved, the area's are as follows;

Signal hill, Lions head, Table Mountain, Deer Park, Murray and Stewart Quarry, Glenco Quarry, Kloofneck Parking, Tafelberg road, Animal camp, Rhodes Memorial, Newlands Forest, Silvermine, Noordhoek beach, Cape Point, Boulders, Scarborough beach, Misty Cliffs, Slangkop boardwalk, Red Hill, Oudekraal beach, Kraalbaai, Langebaan, Preekstoel.

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Re: Access to SANPARKS Jurisdiction

Unread post by saraf » Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:24 pm

As I understand it, if you go into any SANParks with the intention of taking photographs to sell commercially - a book, calendar, postcards etc - then you need a permit and there are other restrictions as well.

However, if you go with the intention of using the photos for your own use then you do not need a permit. If you subsequently sell a photo, say someone requests you to sell if to them, then that is permitted.

What I am unsure of is putting up photos on a website, the sole intention of which is to sell photos. There was a whole discussion on this subject somewhere. I'll try to do some searching when I have the time.
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Re: Access to SANPARKS Jurisdiction

Unread post by Lesego » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:29 am

Morning everyone :yaya:

The contact details have been rectified for both Vanessa Fletcher and William Mabasa.

Vanessa Fletcher
Tel: (021) 712 2337
Fax: (021) 701 8773
For Kruger National Park applications, contact:

Mr William Mabasa
E-mail: william.mabasa@
Tel: (013) 735 4363
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Tel: (012) 426 5202

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