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"60 years Kruger Park (1958)"

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"60 years Kruger Park (1958)"

Unread post by jaapvandijk » Tue Apr 26, 2005 3:38 pm

Hiya all,

Last saturday my dad came home with this book. He got it on a flea market here in Holland. He gave it to me (wich i'm verry happy with) but I cant find many information about this book.
does someone has this book at home and can tell me a bit more about this book?!!? A bit background information?!?!

I can recommend it to you all, but I dont know if its easy to get, whyl it was published in 1958.
Its realy something that should not end up on a flea market!!! I'm glad my dad saved it from garbage can

gr jaapvd.
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Re: "60 years Kruger Park (1958)"

Unread post by steamtrainfan » Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:20 pm

I got a copy of this book in excellent condition on E-Bay for 26.00 US Dollars or R166.00 including postage to South Africa from America. This book was issued in March 1958 by The National Park Board of Trustees, with a foreword by Rocco Knoebel. This is such an interesting book that I am going to read through it again. The chapters covered are as follows:

- Animal Life of South Africa 1652 - 1898.
- The Kruger National Park - Sixty years of age 1898 - 1958.
- The role of Kruger National Park in South Africa today. ( i.e. 1958.)
- Experiences and Adventures in the Kruger National Park. ( Tales from ranger, wardens and visitors )

The most poingant section of the whole book is that of the role Paul Kruger played in getting a game reserve proclaimed. Here I will quote from the book and hope that I do not break any copyright legislation. It is just so touching that I feel that all mites should be able to share in it.

"It all started in 1884 - Krugers first year as president of the republic - when he made a powerful plea for the protection of wild animals. At last after 13 years the report by the Surveyor-General was laid before and accepted by the Executive Committee of the Volksraad on 2 December 1897. On 26 March 1898 the birth of the Sabi Game Reserve was announced in a proclamation which by rights should have been lettered in gold. This government notice was one of the last signed by President Kruger because in the 1899 war the Republic lost its independence and he had to leave the country.

The Presidents last journey in the Republic was by way of Nelspruit along the Crocodile River to Komatipoort and from there he went on to Lourence Marques to sail on "De Gelderland" to Holland and Europe where he died in exile. On this journey he had to pass the Sabi Game Reserve . It was the last glimpse of his beloved country and when he entered foreign territory at Komatipoort his eyes dwelt for the last time on the Sabi Game Reserve of which he was the father. His voice rang out over this area in farewell to his country which he was never to see again. We picture tears running down the wrinkled and drawn face of the man who loved nature so dearly, with the consoling thought that the plants and animals in the reserve answered his tragic farewell. "

How very sad that after 13 years of struggling to proclaim a game reserve Paul Kruger did not have the chance to enjoy it.

The tales from rangers, wardens and visitors are quite hysterical in places and remind of some of the travel tales I read.

The book is 104 pages and contains some lovely black and white photos.

This is one book that I can highly recommend - if it can be found.

Once again, please forgive me if I have transgressed any copyright legislation.
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Re: "60 years Kruger Park (1958)"

Unread post by Meandering Mouse » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:34 am

This sounds an absolute gem. :thumbs_up: I do enjoy reading historical accounts of the development of the Park. It puts our current situation so much more into context. To me it highlights what a miracle Kruger really is.

Another person who played a supporting role behind the scenes in the establishment of Kruger was Jan Smuts. This is discussed in Jane Carruthers's book, "Wildlife and Warfare", an excellent book on James Stevenson Hamilton..
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