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Best Thing to Do in Addo

Addo, Camdeboo, Karoo, Mountain Zebra
Friedrich von Hörsten
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Junior Virtual Ranger
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Re: Best Thing to Do in Addo

Unread post by Friedrich von Hörsten » Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:47 am

Hi Dinkybird,

You said:
Hmmm - best thing to do in Addo has nothing to do with gate times I think. I am going to split this topic and ask you please stay on topic here and list the best thing for you in Addo

I agree.

but maybe you should ask Megan what exactly the purpose of this thread is -- if it is just for us to drool over the good things/times in Addo, then fine, I enjoyed reading all the comments thoroughly; however, if Megan is trying to do some research on how she can help improve the good feelings about Addo, then I think it would be unwise of you to stop people from adding what hinders them from feeling so good at Addo, since this research would then not be very valid. Maybe Megan can explain?

Whatever the results, I have already booked safari tents early in December in Addo, cause I love the place!

God bless,

Friedrich von Hörsten
``God, I can push the grass apart and lay my finger on your heart'' -- E. St V Millay

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Re: Best Thing to Do in Addo

Unread post by DANKBAAR » Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:31 am

1. During the day watching the little ones (ellies) getting their daily swimming lessons from mom or dad at Hapoor. they keep me entertained for hours.

2. In the early morning when the mist makes way for the sun to come through the Matyolweni bushes, sitting on the verandah listening to the birds waking up.

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Re: Best Thing to Do in Addo

Unread post by NickyG » Thu May 20, 2010 9:40 am

Ive been going there(Addo religiously) for teh past 2.5yrs.

When camping over there, (at teh detriment to my morning after) - I try to stay awake as long as possible, in the hide. To experience a bull elephant just appearing out of teh darkness is awe inspiring, ethereal.

I have seen a few rhino there, as well as a scrub hare porcupine, and a rodent with 4 babies in tow....
All this in addittion to teh buffalo, and kudu and jackals that frequently pop down.

One thing puzzles e, and I wish I saw teh animal to identify it positively - 18mnths ago, I was there and it was 2:30am. I heard a heavy rasping noise, almost like a hand saw going through wood. leopard or lion.....
This, is the best thing for me after gate hours - You never know what will jump out of teh dark :)

(1st prize is driving around all day, and spotting animals....after a few eeks you begin to build up a pattern of whats where, and whats moved about)
If you think I am should see who hired me......:)

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