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Game Ranger in Your Backpack

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Moira de Swardt
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Game Ranger in Your Backpack

Unread post by Moira de Swardt » Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:45 pm

This book covers the geology, flora and fauna of the Lowveld, but it is much more than simply another field guide to the Kruger National Park and its surrounds.

The author, Megan Emmett, is both a guide and, from the point of the book, more importantly, an instructor of other guides. Illustrated with photographs by Sean Pattrick, this is a textbook for aspirant field guides. This makes it very useful for everyone. It is also written in a manner which makes it accessible to those who lack formal tertiary education.

The section on mammals is divided into The Big Five, Common Mammals, Predators and Small Nocturnal Mammals. Each has got statistics of the animal together with some interesting information.

The section on birds deals with bird song, colour, hygiene, feeding, breeding, nests, and the relationships of birds with one another and to other animals.

Reptiles and amphibians get their own section, as do insects and other invertebrates. Thereafter the book deals with trees, grasses and wildflowers, ending with a section on tracking and the index and referencing.

The book is a softcover which opens fully which means it is user friendly. It can be consulted and left open on an empty seat or the dashboard of a vehicle. It is sufficiently informative to be useful but sufficiently compact to be portable. The pages are colour coded which makes finding information even easier once one has mastered the layout of the book.

If one is only going to take one book out in the vehicle when one heads out of camp, this is strong candidate, especially for keen but less experienced naturalists. It is certainly a useful resource for enthusiasts who wish to know more and is particularly worthwhile for those studying towards lower level accreditation as field guides.

Title: Game Ranger in Your Backpack
Sub-title: All-in-one interpretive guide to the Lowveld
Author: Megan Emmett
Photographer: Sean Pattrick
Publishers: Briza Publications
Year: 2009
Recommended Selling Price: Unknown
ISBN: 978-1-920217-06-8
I don't get to the Parks nearly often enough, despite two trips to the KNP and one to Golden Gate this year.

Moira de Swardt
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Re: Game Ranger in Your Backpack

Unread post by Moira de Swardt » Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:49 pm

I have found the recommended selling price - R295.

Good value for that.
I don't get to the Parks nearly often enough, despite two trips to the KNP and one to Golden Gate this year.

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Legendary Virtual Ranger
Legendary Virtual Ranger
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Re: Game Ranger in Your Backpack

Unread post by Kaapsedraai » Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:35 pm

Considering last year's first visit to KNP in May, I left with a lot of questions related to what we have encountered i.e. cheetah with 6 cubs, kingfisher's behaviour at Lake Panic, other bird behaviours such as hornbills and dungbeatles etc.

When this book was featured on 50/50 a week ago, I immediately bought myself a copy and till today, I just cannot put it down even watching soccer with one eye and the other eye in the book. It gives me insight into so many finer detail . I am studying this book in preparation for our schedued trip to KNP in mid - end Sep'10. This is an excellent publication (that is if you do not have others) and will recommend. The life in KNP will be a lot different next time as I will understand the behaviour of all the animals and this is critical for anyone that want to take beautiful pictures as one of the golden rules is that when you have studies your topic, you will be better equipped to know what to expect and get yourself in best possible situation to take that one in a lifetime photo. Great stuff.

ps. Look out for my yelow and red ribbon during mid Sep'10.

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Re: Game Ranger in Your Backpack

Unread post by G@mespotter » Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:17 am

BEST and MOST informative book regading a WIDE variety of wildlife aspects, covers animals, birds, insects, trees, flowers the lot. After Exploring Kruger: A MUST HAVE :dance: :dance:

Was lucky to get it as a birthday present last month :dance:
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Re: Game Ranger in Your Backpack

Unread post by Samster » Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:24 pm

Hi All

Gameranger in your backpack is an excellent read and informative guide about a wide variety of animals, birds, trees, insecs and geographical elements within Kruger. It provides interesting tid bits that you will find that you didnt know.

I m lucky enough to be meeting Megan this evening at a talk and will definitely get her to sign my copy :D
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Gaz Tau
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Re: Game Ranger in Your Backpack

Unread post by Gaz Tau » Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:56 am

Hey guys

this book is definetly a good buy, if you heading to Kruger. I work at another reserve in the North West as a guide and although it is very different to the Kruger, the facts and info on Fauna and flora is great to know and it is good light reading, not too boring like some field guide books.

Highly recommend it.

G. :)

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