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Nikon D80 deal

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Nikon D80 deal

Unread post by Nungu » Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:09 am

Hi guys,

I have the opportunity to get a second hand D80 with 35-80mm lense for just under R4 000. Do you guys think this is a good deal or not? I know I can get a D90 or D7000 - but those aren't available at such a price for now - so I'm considering buying this D80.

I know the D80 is a bit old - but a good camera never gets old... and as far as I know the D80 is pretty good.

Another question is about the lense. It doesn't seem to be a standard lense on this camera (standard - as far as my limited camera knowledge goes - is a 18-50mm). Is this a problem? What will I NOT be able to do with the 35-80 that I would have been able to do with the 18-50??

I will be looking to get another lense for my wildlife photography... Which would you suggest? Again here I'm looking at something in the range of 80-200 or 70-300?

PS: I forgot to say that I don't only intend to use the camera for wildlife photography - it's basically an everyday camera - sports events for the kids, family gatherings but then ALSO Kruger.

To sum up my rambling :redface:
1. Is it a good deal to buy a D80 with a 35-80mm lense for about R4 000?
2. Would I need to buy a 18-50 lense for everyday use?
3. What lense range would be best suited for wildlife photography?

Thanks guys
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Re: Nikon D80 deal

Unread post by DuQues » Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:21 am

If I look at the secondhand pricing (in SA) for the D80 I see prices that are around R3500, so with that lens it is not a bad deal.

The difference between the 35-80 and an 18-50 is angle.
The 18-50 will give you way more wide-angle, which you use for landscapes, parties, buildings and the likes.
The 35-80 will obviously give you more zoom, and is a good lens for portraits.

Neither will serve for wildlife. Then you really need at the very least 300 mm. Preferably up to 500 even. That is going to set you back at least R10.000 if you buy secondhand.

Have a look at pricing here.
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