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Code of good game viewing practice

Find information and FAQ's not related to the parks, like Health & Safety, 4x4 etc.
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Code of good game viewing practice

Unread post by Dreamer » Fri Oct 19, 2007 5:22 pm

We visited KTP in September and on route home visited Mamaqua National Park. There we were handed a little booklet that was printed to promote the SANParks National Week that took place toward the end of September. All SANParks featured in this booklet along with a bit of history on each of the parks as well as future plans.

In this booklet is a page on Code of "good game viewing " practice and I thought it would be good to publish it here seeing we experienced some bad practice from visitors who either were ignorant of Park Etiquette or blatently ignored any rules:

Game Sightings - Congestions

In the case where there is a sighting with many cars causing congestion, the lane opposite(furthest away) the side of the game or object/s being viewed, may not be blocked by stationary vehicles. This lane must be kept open for those that wish to pass the sighting. Please do not park diagonally, especially in the driving lanes.

Game Sightings - General

For game viewing, please park on the side of the road that the game is located as this will prevent cars from passing between the viewing vehicle and the object you are watching.

Be careful when passing animals or birds close to the road - they could be alarmed by your approach and run into the road.

The above I have typed word for word. I am sure many feel that there is more that could be added but thought it would be a start to show what SANParks have published.


Unread post by TaraLB » Sat Dec 08, 2007 9:50 am

A useful tip I picked up from friends of mine, and one which I will employ on our upcoming trip. If you are avid birders, and often stop on the side of the road to try and id a.n. other cisticola, a sign in the back window of your vehicle saying something along the lines of "Birding, please pass" will help stop every single vehicle from pulling up behind you and trying to see the 'big furry creature' that they assume you are looking at!

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Unread post by moobox » Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:45 pm

Or some other word for it that I dont know.

Hello everybody

I hope that this isnt a silly question. I dont think so because it is something that makes me quite worked up.

I have booked in mid December for just three day s in KNP because a little trip like that can just take the edge off the craving you know. But I have been thinking and worrying and thinking and worrying. It's gonna be busy hey. Now, when I go to the reserve, I like as much as everybody else to get as close as possible and get the sights and the pictures and all. But when there is something that is bigger than the car I am in then I like to give myself a gap and a gap also to get my cute little you know what out of there.

So, you get to see an elephant and you sort of drift a little closer looking at the ears and eyes and general demeanour of the creature. And you are wary. And next thing, up comes a tour truck full of people and blocks this escape route that you've so carefully planned. And maybe a few more pull up and prevent any sort of plan B development. This has happened to me before. Like an invasion and there I sit in my car with a wife who reckons OK we've had an innings but she really wanted to see the day her children had children. And I tell you, I get upset! And I develop dark thoughts about the fellows of my species.

How do you handle it? I've tried diplomacy and actually been sworn at. And as much as you swear back, you're going to be the flat car who got too close to the elephant and wasnt careful. Where to from here? Do you actually take the plunge for an eye to eye discussion with the driver of the other vehicle/s? Or do you just hope for the best?

Cheers Ed

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Re: Uncomfortableness

Unread post by DinkyBird » Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:22 pm

You hope for the best. Animals are far more sensible than humans.

I do not think we, and I say the collective 'we', because forum members think alike, are only going to make our lives (more) difficult trying to explain to others in a situation as the one your describe. People will think you are seeing something they cannot so they must get in close as possible and not miss a super one in a million sighting.

Rather try and keep as far away from the madding crowd as you can by driving the less popular routes and hope your time with a BIG guy in the bush will end up being a peaceful encounter (in fact zero encounter) of the fellow human kind .....
- Dalene

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Re: Uncomfortableness

Unread post by tent dweller » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:49 am

moobox, we are also going to the park in December and when we see more than a 3 car roadblock we either drive right past or we turn around and go back in the direction that we came from. We (my family of 3) are not prepared to be "bullied" at a sighting, if we cannot see the animal with the naked eye what is the point :hmz: :hmz: We were in Tsendze in July 2012 and came across a female hyena feeding her pups in the road very early one morning, we were the first and only car for almost 10 minutes, the news spread and the next thing we were surrounded by cars and one idiot decided that he wanted a better view and he just started hooting for all the other cars to get out the way, I don't want another experience like that, if I want that sort of a holiday I might as well go drive around the streets of Johannesburg on a Friday afternoon at month end, you must also remember that some people are suffering from "me, myself, I syndrome"

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Re: Uncomfortableness

Unread post by Meandering Mouse » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:53 am

Hi Moobox, I have been before the 16th and it was surprisingly quiet. On the 16th the crowds started.

I tend to stick to gravel, except the S100. The S100 always attracts traffic.

What has sometimes worked for me, is making my camera visible. I think when people are breaking rules they don't want to find themselves in the Getaway rouges gallery.

The other possibility is a Valium dart. :hmz:

Not sure where you are staying, but even the busiest camps have some quiet roads. The Salitjie road, close to Skuks and Lower Sabie, is an example of a road less traveled in a busy area.
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Re: Uncomfortableness

Unread post by Hippotragus » Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:22 pm

I agree with MM, end of November to mid-December is surprisingly quiet. I have been a couple of times at that time of year, because of circumstances, and have been dreading it - only to find it very quiet.

I also agree, go the back roads, sit at a waterhole - just enjoy being there and see what comes along.

I also hate "traffic jams" and try to get past/through as soon as possible.
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Re: Uncomfortableness

Unread post by Josh of the Bushveld » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:06 am

Get out of the situation before it develops. If you're at an elephant sighting, and see other cars start arriving, make a move as soon as you can. I know it can spoil the sighting for you, but rather safe than sorry
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