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Donating to SANParks Conservation Project

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Donating to SANParks Conservation Project

Unread post by DinkyBird » Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:13 pm

SANParks Conservation Support on the home page.

Remember all who donate will qualify for tickets in this year's raffle!!!

***Why support this project? Read here. And here.***


Donors supporting the SANParks Conservation Support fund have the choice of either:

donating to a park of their choice, or

of donating to the General Conservation Support (listed as SANParks Conservation Support), where the money will be allocated to a Park in need (especially in the case of some of those less charismatic Parks, which might not receive many donations)

Please note the following when making a donation:

* There are more payment options offered than only by credit card.

* When filling in your first name and surname, put your forum name after your first name in brackets. With the tightening up by some banks of these transfers, using your forum name as well might mean the transaction gets rejected. Please try without your forum name if this happens.

* Once you have selected "donate" the donation will go through. Do not select "donate" a second time .... SANParks might love you for it, but your bank manager may not!

* If you have any questions, please PM me.

* SANParks finance will regularly announce the donations received on the forum.

Very NB:

* When making the donation via GivenGain, ensure your banking details are correct when processing the transaction. If you have a quick log on account with GnG - ensure the banking details listed on that account are correct and up to date. Donations without the correct info fail, and this is at a cost to SANParks.

* Once you have made the donation, check your bank account to ensure the amount has been debited. If not, can you please PM me. Do this check even if the donation has been announced.
- Dalene

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