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Please fly Yellow Ribbon in Parks

Find information and join us for the next forum meeting

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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by carolv » Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:12 pm

For a long while we also saw no YRs and then we opted for the (possibly) overkill approach. I buy 2-3 metres of 5 cm wide yellow ribbon..the brightest yellow I can find in the shop. We then cut it up and tie sections to our wing mirror, radio aerial, rear windscreen wiper and enough left over to tie bows on our camera backpacks lest we miss someone whilst we are out and about in camp. Did this approach work? Definitely! we have been lucky enough to meet more and more other YRs in the parks and have made some special friendships from meet ups. It has also meant several people coming to ask us what the YRs mean and we have been able to explain both their meaning and promote the forums in general.

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Re: Please fly Yellow Ribbon in Parks

Unread post by Binkieloo » Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:27 pm

This thread is really working!

We were in the park in April and only had 1 YR meetings, and 1 other sighting.

We just got back from 14 days in the park and had 4 meetings and 2 sightings!

First cheetah sighting shared with Rookie2009 - great to meet you!
First wild dog sighting shared with Katie Howells - what an awesome sighting to share!
First visit to Nwanetsi picnic site and we met Hippo and her mum - sorry it was such a short chat
The Yellow and Red ribbons car in the Satara car park - I left a message - hope you got it!
On the road to Tamboti/Maroela the blue polo with YRs - I think you were just arriving when we first saw you, and then we saw you again but we were on the sunset drive - hope to figure out who you are, and hope you had an awesome trip.
Last day in Kruger stopped GrannyB's car - great to have a quick chat - hope you got your lion sighting!!

It's working - hope to see more on our next trip to KNP.

Binkieloo :)
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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by DeeSmith » Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:38 pm

Having been in KNP for the last week, camped at Shingwedzi, we flew our YR for the first time. It was great that while parked at a waterhole the car in front of us made a u-turn and stopped next to us to say hello. It was 'One with Nature' and his family.
It was a pleasure to meet them. Turned out that they were also at Shingwedzi.

We saw a few other cars with ribbons, also one flying the red birding ribbon. It almost feels like you hae friends in the park.

My YR has sentiment - it was from a medal that our late son received one year for football. He was studying Game ranging before he passed away, so I feel like I have some of him with me, while flying the ribbon. Sorry a bit soppy!! :(

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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by Elsa » Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:35 am

We spent 5 days at a KZN park last week and just for fun and habit flew my YR and guess what, we met another forumite M@rie, so we arranged a meet at the nearest picnic spot and had a nice chat. :D

Dee, what special memories your YR has and how appropriate that you fly it in the park that was your son's passion.

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Re: Please fly Yellow Ribbon in Parks

Unread post by Tweedle » Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:01 am

Binkieloo wrote:The Yellow and Red ribbons car in the Satara car park - I left a message - hope you got it!

Hi Binkieloo
Very many thanks for the message you left on our car - we thought we'd been given a parking ticket! :D Sorry it has taken so long to acknowledge your kind gesture, but we are only now back in England and online once more.

Other 'mites we met: Biggamespotter(?), Tiny, misswilddog(?), GrannyB, mgoddard, vlakvark... (warthog hole), clikclik flew past us, bushbuddies, littleredandbuff. Apologies to those we've missed out! We had a really great time with fantastic sightings and met some lovely people. Roll on 2011 and our next visit!

Tweedle and Hobbit

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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by oddesy » Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:15 pm

Ossendryver, the YR's are for any of the parks, or anywhere else you mite see another forumite :thumbs_up:
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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by leachy » Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:18 am

:| :| :| :|

in the first week of december
i met crested barbet and her s o through the yellow ribbon


as well as onewithnature who was displayng a yellow duster

:thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:
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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by madleopard » Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:26 pm

Snakies (my hubby) and I, stayed @ LS from 15 Dec 2010 to 24 Dec 2010 and @ Balule from 24 Dec 2010 to 2 Jan 2011. In this time we met quite a few mites. Sprocky, Bushbaby, Sparrow, Anja, Pathfinder, Mrs P, Poobear, Bushbaby30, Sherifa and Duke. Please forgive me for any spelling errors, but it was really cool to meet you all as a result of a yellow ribbon. :clap:

Hope to meet more mites in future :thumbs_up:

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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by Bushbaby30 » Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:08 pm

I think I hit the jackpot with yellow ribbons this holiday... I met Norms, Tshukudu, Pnm, Vgstephens+Dungbeetle2, Ladyhawk, Sprocky, Michel365, Wild Dreamer, Blue eyes, Pathfinder, Sparrow (3times), Snakies + madleopard, Poohbear, Raptor 124, Tiny, Lowveldboy, Shi + LynnB, Angus+Edna, Noel, Wildchild, Ecojunkie, RaymondK and Tilandi in my 2 weeks in the park. What a bunch of lovely people!! It was so nice to put names and faces together...

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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by jeffgordon » Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:00 pm

Hey Gunner, I have been meaning to come on and say hi. It was great to see you at the leopard sighting on Mativihlungu. After I said goodbye to you, something told me to go back so I doubled back a minute or so later (I think just as you were leaving). I am so glad I did, as the leopard duly appeared about 15 minutes after I got to the bridge and I spent a good hour and a half with him. Then Martie pulled up behind me coming back from the morning drive and we were all able to watch the leopard getting his butt kicked by the hyaena.

It sounds like you had a terrific trip and I can't believe your pics of the 7 male lions at Croc Bridge on the morning of the 10 Jan. I foolishly made the decision to leave the park via Skukuza rather than Croc Bridge earlier that morning and landed up seeing very little. C'est la vie.

I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful other forum members, including Elfie & Harry Barker (currently non-active forum members) and their son Jonathan who very kindly invited me for a terrific braai over in the caravan site as I was on my own. Wonderful people.

I also stayed in the single huts next to a forum member named Elise but for the life of me I can't remember her forum name. She said her avatar pic is that of a baobab tree. I was really jealous as she had something like 19 days in the park.

By the way, has anyone else had baby baboons swinging from their yellow ribbons? That was a first for me. Unfortunately I couldnt get a pic as it was just out of sight. I just saw the ribbon swinging wildly like a pendulum and every few seconds the head of a baboon appearing for a second then dropping down again, as the swing took effect! So funny.

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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by Harv » Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:04 pm

Was in Kruger September 2010. Met Christo at Bobbejaanskrans on the Orpen Rd and Nighthawk (Gino and Anita from Canada) at Satara and Lower Sabie. Good times as a result of the yellow ribbon thingy. Howzit folks! Gino, will mail you soon. PC now sorted....

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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by pnm » Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:12 pm

Sorry I am only responsing now (I was in KNP from 22-31 DEC) - I saw my name on the yellow-ribbon thread and felt good!
It is the first time in four years of flying the ribbon that I really got to talk to some mites.
I had a great chat to gamespotter in Berg and Dal, a drive-by chat to SO of Ladyhawke (no place to pull over and chat), was on a sunset drive with Sparrow (and as a result of his good choice of name got two new lifers that night!).
Had a chat to Bushbaby30 as well as well as a long chat to four other forumites whose names I didn't quite get at Letaba (I am a bit deaf) but their car sported ribbons on mirror and on bee sting aerial.
Any idea who that was?
I am the guy who always wears long sleeved denim shirts and jeans (sun protection so I am easily recognizable).
I liked the way I contacted Ladyhawke - saw the yellow ribbon approaching in my rear view mirror and simply raised my arm and pointed at my ribbon.
My SO thinks I am mad but I love chatting to people who are strangers one second and old acquaintances via the forum the next.
It was my first ever December visit to KNP and it was great.
And it wasn't even hot.
Everyone there said it was hot but as I live in Paarl I merely thought it mildy warm!

Thanks to all yellow-ribbon flyers for making my holiday even better than possible.
And to Bushbaby30 - I see you are an avid birder - this trip got me to my birding goal for the year.

Keep well all

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Re: Yellow ribbons

Unread post by Hugh » Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:39 am

Usually on the driver side's wing mirror and anywhere else you want to I even have one on my binos for when I go into bird hides !!!! The bigger Brighter the better. !! ( I now have yellow cosies that chappie made me that fit both wing mirrors)
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Re: Please fly Yellow Ribbon in Parks

Unread post by GlynB » Fri May 06, 2011 3:49 pm

We visited Addo on Easter Sunday 24th April and as we were leaving one of the viewpoints we were halted by Pookie, rushing over to meet us and have a chat, because she saw our YR. :dance:

Pookie made some lame excuse about her YR was on the other car, but anyway, I was great meeting you, Pookie. :clap:

We only saw 2 other YR's but they just waved and drove on......even though I stopped and reversed...... :doh:

If they didn't see me reversing, I wonder how they spot animals in the bush.....may they have to be stationary.... :huh:

We always fly ours and have met some amazing Forumites, especially in KTP. :thumbs_up:

It is a great ice breaker to meet new friends. :dance: :clap: :dance:

Pleeeaaaassssse keep the Yellow Ribbon flying in the parks.
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Re: Please fly Yellow Ribbon in Parks

Unread post by salamanda » Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:50 pm

We were in Kruger from 28th May to 12th June. I forgot to take the yellow ribbons so we stopped at the Phalaborwa Spar and bought a pack of bright yellow all-purpose cloths and cut them up into ribbon shapes; they worked perfectly! Not only that but you could clean the windscreen with the loose ends . . . . :lol:

Before we acquired our own YR we met Mike Goss in the south of the Park on 28/5/11 because we saw his YR and stopped him! He was a bit puzzled at first until we explained! Sorry Mike, but we did get one the next day!

We met Aquila at Mooiplas waterhole near Mopani on 1/6/11. We were both watching elephants and he was chatting to someone in another car when he suddenly noticed our YR and zoomed over, delighted to meet another YR because, he said, no one ever believed that he would! Great to meet you Aquila, hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip!

On 7/6/11, near Tshokwane at about 8.50am we were passed by a browny/bronze BMW X5 flying the ribbon but though we waved madly, they didn't see us. Sorry we missed meeting you guys! Then on the same day after lunching on the deck at Lower Sabie we came back to the car to find a note on the windscreen "Spotted Cat says 'Hello'". We drove round the car-park twice looking for YRs, but I think you had left. Really sorry to miss you Spotted Cat - strange to think that we may have been on LS deck at the same time!

On 10/6/11 we meet Hobbit and Tweedle (by arrangement) at the Hippo pools, and then moved on to Crocodile Bridge for a cooked breakfast with them before exploring the S28. Lovely to see you again Hobbit and Tweedle and thanks for the loan of the walkie- talkie! It was a lovely day.

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