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Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Re: Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Unread post by carolv » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:14 pm

Hi kahtrav

Personally I would always try to enter the Park as soon as possible. Whilst we do not personally enter via Croc Bridge or Malelane early in the day, I am sure the staff will be as professional as those at the gate we usually enter and, thus you will not expect a long wait to be on the road in Kruger. With luck, there is always so much to see when you enter the Park early in the morning and this would all be lost if you decided to enter at 8am or later.

No matter what, we wish you a wonderful time in Kruger and many special sightings...just enjoy!

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Re: Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Unread post by fosco dogwood » Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:17 pm

kahtrav wrote:I posted this as part of a longer post about accommodations. Since I had no replies to this part of my post, I thought I'd try here. Thanks for your help.

We will be first at Skukuza, coming from Marloth Park (this will be a Monday in late April). I'm thinking we'd come in thru Melalane entrance or perhaps use Crocodile gate, then the lower, river road around to Melalane then north to Skukuza (we'll have another full day to do a circle drive from Skukuza but won't be further south again. Also, since we are staying overnight for 10 days in 4 rest camps, is it best to not try to be at the park gate first thing (along with the day trippers). Is there a recommended time, like 8:00 instead of 6:00, etc. or are we going to spend a couple of hours in line no matter what?

Thanks, kahtrav

Kahtrav, I stayed at Marloth park before and we always entered the park via Crocodile bridge. Never had any problems or very long queues. We would typically arrive 15 to 30 mins after gate opening, so you still can enjoy the golden light of the early morning. If I was in your shoes, I would enter via Crocodile bridge, take either the S28 or the H4-2 towards Lower Sabie. There are often very good sightings on these roads. Have breakfast or coffee at Lower Sabie and enjoy the views over the river. Enjoy Sunset dam and maybe take a short drive to Mlondolozi dam before continuing further to Skukuza.
Two trips in 2017!

17/6 Skukuza, 18-20/6 Lower-Sabie, 20-23/6 Londolozi
10/7 - 13/7 Lower Sabie, 13/7-17/7 Mjejane; 17/7-20/7 Sabi River; 20/7-23/7 Hoedspruit; 23/7-27/7 Talamati; 28/7 Satara

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