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Contructive criticism of the viewing points in KNP

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Re: Contructive criticism of the viewing points in KNP

Unread post by zivvy&muffin » Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:55 am

I read somewhere one of the quid pro quos for closing some of the man-made waterholes was that Sanparks would introduce extra viewpoints, and extra access roads to natural pans / watercourses. Has that started yet, or was that the low m'tce roads near Phalaborwa?

I do feel its a waste and a frustration to drive down a side-road only to find no view, or a potential view blocked by lack of care and attention to overgrown bushes.
It then means we don't stop long and re-trace the 'wasted kilometre', whereas it would be nice to simply turn the engine off and look and listen for 15 mins or so. The side road is one of the joys of KNP.

Leaving mammals aside, it is so much nicer observing birds from the peace of a good view on a side road with the engine off, away from traffic. By and large when cars join you at such viewpoints they understand the 'etiquette' is to turn the engine off.

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