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Access for Kruger National Park day visitors during the Easter Weekend.

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Access for Kruger National Park day visitors during the Easter Weekend.

Unread post by Lesego » Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:43 am

Access for Kruger National Park day visitors during the Easter Weekend.

Visitor management is a vital part of ensuring the best possible experience for all visitors to Kruger National Park over the coming Easter Weekend, Thursday 13, until Monday, 17 April 2017. With this in mind, South African National Parks (SANParks) would like to remind Day Visitors to the Kruger National Park (KNP) that daily quotas will once again apply at the entrance gates. Visitors are urged to make pre-bookings for their visits prior to their arrival and there are three time slots which they can choose from as follows:

- Time slot 1: 06.00 to 08:00
- Time slot 2: 08:00 to 10:00
- Time slot 3: 10:00 onwards

The Day Visitor Quota for the park is a management tool to maintain the carrying capacity of the park and is always in place throughout the year though we turn to emphasize during long weekends and holidays because of the volume of visitors we usually get during those times. Visitors will be able to book up to 80% of Day Visitor Quota per gate via SANParks Reservations offices and online at Pre-booked day visitors will get preference over non-booked day visitors at the gate.

“For busy periods such as the Easter Holidays, we aim to better manage the volumes that we expect, as well as our visitors’ expectations. The three different time slots are aimed at improving the spread of vehicles and, as far as possible prevent unnecessary waiting periods at gates”, said the SANParks Acting Head of Communications, William Mabasa.

Pre-booked day visitors must ensure that they arrive within the time slots, as per their reservation. Arriving outside the booked time slot, will be regarded as non-booked and therefore will not receive preference. These bookings can be changed as well through SANParks Reservations offices if for some reason one decides to do so.

Mabasa also reminded Visitors to read the permits which they receive at the gates because all the rules and regulations of the park are clearly stipulated on these documents. “Please do not bring liquor with you because the alcohol ban on public areas in the Park is a permanent rule which is enforced at all times; other Park rules are intended to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience and hence must be adhered to at all times whilst in the Park with special emphasis on adherence to speed limit and littering”; he advised.

Visitors can report any rules and regulations infringement which they witness to the Emergency Call Centre numbers 013 735 4064/013 735 0197/076 801 9679. It is however important that the following information is provided:

- Vehicle type and colour.
- Vehicle registration.
- Date and Time of Incident
- Yellow SATSA sticker number (for Open Safari Vehicles)
- Details of Incident
- Photographic evidence
- Location of Incident

Visitors should also take note of the following important information:
- Day Visitor pre- bookings are subject to a non-refundable booking fee of R38 per adult and R19 per child.
- Day Visitors who have pre-booked will still be required to pay Conservation Fees or use a valid Wild Card to enter the Park. The Conservation Fee for SA residents is R76 per adult and R38 per child between ages 2 - 11 and for international guests it is R304 per adult and R152 per child.
- Guests planning to use Wild Cards are requested to ensure membership is valid before arrival and this can best be done online at
- The number and profile of persons (adults and children) on the reservation and actual persons arriving should correspond.
- All guests (drivers and passengers) will be required to identify themselves upon admission (by producing a South African driver’s license, identity document or passport); please ensure you are in possession of one of these documents.
- Due to existing contractual arrangements with Open Safari Vehicles (OSVs), they are regarded as pre-booked for all Day Visitor admissions and in order to ensure better distribution of vehicles are authorised to enter 15 minutes before Gate opening time.
- Gate Quotas will be strictly applied and guests without pre-bookings could be denied entry.
- Guests are encouraged to continuously provide feedback on their experience to

Issued by:
South African National Parks: Communications & Marketing Department - Kruger National Park.

William Mabasa
SANParks Acting Head of Communication
Tel: 012 426 5170, cell: 082 807 3919
Lesego Nko
Web forum and Online Stakeholder Relations
Tel: (012) 426 5202

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