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Camping in Kruger.

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Camping in Kruger.

Unread postby DinkyBird » Tue Apr 05, 2005 6:00 pm

We have caravanned for the past 17 years - our boys grew up caravanning and there is no better way to holiday as a family!

Each camp site in Kruger has its own special qualities and you are going to get a variety of answers from the forum. None provide more for children than the other so the choice will be a personal one.
If you wish to camp near a swimming pool you will have to choose a camp that has one such as Skukuza.
Letaba has a lovely camp site, lots of grass and shade with bush buck roaming about and lots of bird life and is a good camp to go to with children.
Lower Sabie has demarcated sites and not much grass, more gravel, so children would be restricted in their playing areas.
Skukuza is a big camp and is very busy and if you do end up on the road as Jock did, can be noisy, but it has quiet corners too and lots to do in the main camp.
Satara can get dusty if the wind blows and there are not many sites that are shady.
All the camp sites in Kruger have electricity (except Balule) and access to taps close by and very nice ablutions.
We see young children at all the camp sites and they always seem to be happy.
Take toys etc for them to play with and try and get close to the fence as Jock said - not only for your children but for yourselves too!

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Re: Advice on Camping @ Kruger!

Unread postby Wild@Heart » Tue Aug 30, 2005 4:38 pm

Gunner wrote:- is it possible to "Tent out" at any Camp? :D

Majority of the main camps ... yes

Gunner wrote:- is it advisable to travel up north? :?

Definitely, even if you only do it once in your life ... you need to see the north.

Gunner wrote:- will malaria be a problem if i tent out?

Malaria will always be a problem ... tent or bungalow, so make provision.

Gunner wrote:I have also heard that Satara is a good central camp to be based, for one to cover all regions of the park!
Is it true & do they offer camping sites?

Satara does offer camping ... when you say "cover all regions of the Park" meaning you can drive all the way to the north or south in one day ... then definetly no! ... the distances are to great to cover in one day ... if you plan on going to another camp, north or south .. then you could do it (although some you will not have time to stop and see nice game ...

It's a very beautiful area and would recommend it any time ... it's also close to the S100 :twisted:

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Unread postby Bush Baptist » Tue Aug 30, 2005 10:29 pm

Maroela, near Orpen is a great camp site, on the Timbavati river. The malaria situation is the same as for huts & cottages.
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Unread postby DinkyBird » Wed Aug 31, 2005 8:18 am

Couple of tips for camping in KNP:

Take a long electric lead if you plan to use electricity as some camp sites are far from elec points.

You cannot beat setting up camp at the fence so try and time arriving fairly early ie as soon as the people leaving the camp for that day go, about 9am.

As the weather warms up you should try and set up under a tree for some shade.

Many sites do not have grass so take a mat to wipe off shoes before entering tent etc.

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Unread postby DinkyBird » Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:19 am

If you intend camping at Satara you really must try and get a fence camping site and take a long elec. lead as the elec points are very far apart.
There is not that much shade along the fence so maybe pack a beach umbrella to put up for a bit of shade.
There is no grass along the fence.

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Advise on Camping @ Kruger!

Unread postby Snoobab » Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:45 pm

If you are planning an electric site !!!
I took out my extension cable of 20m thinking it was long and then I saw the guy in the caravan next to me take out something that looked like the coil of rope Sir Edmund Hillary used to climb Everest.
20m is not long enough!! 50m + will do the trick

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Unread postby Guinea Pig » Sun Sep 11, 2005 4:20 pm

Punda Maria - if possible get to camp as early as you can.
They tend to overbook the camp site and there aren't enough camp sites with power to go around.
The area around the bird hide has a lot of traffic and the kids can be noisy.

Shingwedzi - lovely as ever.
Ground hard as ever - take with a proper hammer and strong tent pins.
Again - try as early as you can.
Spots under nice shade trees are hard to come by at the fence.
Beware of the dwarf mongooses - they've become very cheeky.
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Unread postby Oumie » Sun Sep 11, 2005 4:21 pm

Hi DB,
Just take a good sleeping mattress!
Please not the blow up ones :evil: Done that, got the t-shirt.
They always go flat and you have to pump them up twice a day.
Every time we go to Kruger we hear these people pumping mattresses for Africa :!:
As I said I have a list for camping with our tent and we stick to that.
Satara 17/4/16 - 31/5/16
Lower Sabie 01/6/16 - 27/6/16

Kgalagadi booked for September 2016 :dance:

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Unread postby Freda » Sun Sep 11, 2005 5:00 pm

We used to use the blow-up mattresses and blew them up from a pump that fitted the cigarette lighter in the combi. After burning the lighter out a few times and still having the mattresses deflate we changed to stretchers.
We did go for the best we could find, don't think I'm allowed to name the brand :roll: ,
We have tried them with the mattresses off pool loungers and also with nothing and we prefer them without mattresses.
We now put a sleeping bag on the stretcher and throw a duvet over us and we sleep like babies :D
I've only camped at Punda out of school hols. and there has never been more than 3 tents on the whole site.

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Unread postby Chameleon » Sun Sep 11, 2005 9:45 pm

I also prefer air mattress.

I find that with a strecher the cold come from under the bed and you do not sleep as well as on a mattress.

The best will be a strecher with a mattress. There is one on the market but far to expensive for me.

With the air mattress you must just look how you pack it and the there is nothing on the ground to puncture it.

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Unread postby Snoobab » Mon Sep 12, 2005 12:23 pm

When at Punda there is a section on the far western side that almost looks like it is a private area or something, but it is part of the camp site.
It is very quiet.
You are a fair distance from the hide and the pool but have good privacy and you are on the fence.
Shingwedzi along the fence is great, the pool area is a bit loud so try further down the fence.
PS. I bowl, have a blow up mattress and only pump it up once every 4 days. :D

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What I learnt on my first camping trip to Kruger

Unread postby goldbug » Fri Sep 16, 2005 9:17 am

1. The ground is hard! Next time take sturdy (like super sturdy superman type) spikes and a really big hammer (take extra spikes to replace the ones that bend.)

2. An inflatable mattress or similar and a puncture repair kit are essential, alternatively lots of Amarula to help you sleep on the hard hard ground. (luckily I had the mattress and the Amarula)

3. Go to bed early, catch the animals in the early morning and sleep in the afternoon heat.

4. Tents are great, but a caravan would be extra nice if you wanted to move from place to place.

5. The shops at Kruger have just about anything you need a tad pricey on the groceries but that what you pay for convenience.

6. If you miss the city - pop in at Skukuza for the Deli and Internet Cafe, very suave.

7. A blue plug adaptor is probably worth the expense because it means you can plug your regular extension cord into one of those blue caravan things.

8. Ice by the packet is really cheap R4.20 or so buy about three or four packs a day for the cooler box. (keep one bag sealed for the Amarula ;).

9. The monkeys are seriously cheeky, they tried to steal stuff from my car even while I was in it and even though there was nothing for them to steal.

10. Take the car with the highest windows for the best view, it was a pleasure being able to look over other cars from my slightly bigger one.

11. Amarula with ice is a brilliant way to end the day at Kruger.

12. Binoculars are also brilliant.

13. A digital camera with lots of zoom in order to prove that you really did see a leopard.

14. Drive slowly and keep your eyes wide open, those animals sure can hide themselves, even an elephant can hide under a leaf.

15. A mammal and a bird book are also must haves.

16. Don't forget to put sunscreen on your arms when driving!

17. When we went at the beginning of September there were hardly any mosquitoes and the game viewing was brilliant. (Saw 4 leopards, and the big five twice in two days.)

18. Most importantly take sturdy spikes and I mean it à a big hammer (sledge hammer type) someone obviously thought it would be really funny to put cement under all the camping spots.

19. Next time I go I will do less driving around and more sitting in one place even Impala are interesting animals. (the official lunch meat of the Kruger Park) and there are loads of amazing birds and bugs and things to see too.

20. Driving the N4 on a Friday night is like racing formula one but the other cars are towing (BIG) trailers, avoid at all costs.

(I will return again as soon as I possibly can - it was wonderful!)
when tenting in Kruger, take sturdy spikes and a beeeeg hammer.

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Unread postby DinkyBird » Sun Nov 06, 2005 8:15 pm

If you wish to camp on the fence at Punda and will need electricity - take a long lead of at least 50m!!!!

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Re: tent or hut in december in Kruger?

Unread postby DinkyBird » Wed Nov 16, 2005 6:50 pm

Loams wrote: We are only two people and I am buying a 6 man tent so we don't have to fall over our bags everytime we get up, we can sit inside (not on the bed) when it rains etc etc.... I think you should get my drift.

One can buy really inexpensive tents at a shop called Game that will be really comfortable. With a little covered area attached that you could sit under if it rained. They are lightweight and easy to erect and pack up small.

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Re: tent or hut in december in Kruger?

Unread postby lam » Wed Nov 16, 2005 8:17 pm

clautje7 wrote:Is it a big problem to stay in a little 2 persons-tent in Kruger in December 10 till 22?

Camping in a small tent is fine. Just take a table and chairs.

clautje7 wrote:Will it rain much at those days normally?
Will we be washed away?
Shall I book a hut instead? (much more expensive)

Don't book a hut. Showers seldom last more than an hour. Things tend to dry out pretty quickly after a shower.

clautje7 wrote:Is there everywhere cement on campsites for tents?

I have only seen cement strips at Letaba and you aren't going there.

clautje7 wrote:We are planning to stay in Berg en Dal, Pretoriuskop and Skukuza (because of the swimmingpools there).

Many other camps have pools

clautje7 wrote:If it rains...can we then sit somewhere inside?

Skukuza has a museum you can go to. Most have a bar that you can use. Either Berg-en-Dal or Skukuza, or both, has a movie house (wildlife movies). There are shops and restaurants to hide out in.

clautje7 wrote:Can we park our car next to our tent ?

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