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Enjoy, participate and learn from the quiz forum. Post your quiz here for others to enjoy as well
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Unread post by Imberbe » Sat Jul 12, 2008 6:10 pm

The Quizzes have evolved as one of the areas on the Forum where we can have the most fun, while learning more about nature. It is fun for expert and novice!

There are some general ways of doing things, that help us all to keep it working. Please read through the following.

1. When a person starts a specific quiz thread, he / she can determine the basic rules for that specific thread. This will include the general theme of the quiz (i.e. mammals), and the type of quiz it is going to be.

2. Type of quiz.

Generally speaking there are three types of quizzes.

2.1 The Revolving Quiz (RV). In this type, the opportunity to ask a question passes from the one person to the next person. A person gains the right to ask the next question by giving the correct answer.

2.2 The Quiz Master Quiz (QM). In this type the original person who started the quiz retains the right to ask the questions.

2.3 The Open Quiz (OQ). In this type of quiz the opportunity to ask a question is open to any person. It does not automatically move to the person who correctly answered the previous question, nor does it remain with the person who started the quiz. Importantly, only one question at a time is dealt with, and you may not ask a new question before the person who asked the previous question, has indicated that the question has been correctly answered.

2.4 It is advisable that the person who starts a new quiz indicates the type of quiz in the header by adding the abbreviation (RV, QM or OQ) in the subject line after the name of the quiz. This prevents people from getting confused later on.

3. Time

Not all forumites have time nor opportunity to visit the forums on a daily basis. Therefore enough time needs to be given for a person to reply. A balance between a smoothly running quiz and driving people away because they get pushed aside by more active members needs to be found.

3.1 When answering a quiz please allow the person who asked the question at least three days to confirm the answer. After this period of time, a gentle nudge is in order, before moving on.

3.2 When asking a question, give people enough opportunity to answer the question before giving the answer. No definite time frame can be given here.

3.3 Give the next person who has to ask a question enough time to post. After three days (RV), a gentle nudge is in order, before moving on.

4. The correct answer

It is the privilege of the person who asked the question to conclude a specific question, by indicating the correct answer, and where relevant (RV), indicate the next person to ask a question.

Do not just go ahead and ask the next question until the person has indicated that it is your turn, even though you may know that you gave the correct answer. (3 day rule applies)

5. The attitude

Everybody is welcome to participate, the Quizzes is not only for the experts!

Keep the Quizzes positive and informative!

Enjoy! :wink:

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