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Berg & Dal Rest Camp

Discuss the different camps and roads of the Kruger National Park
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Unread post by MarkWildDog » Fri Jun 23, 2006 4:41 pm

Berg-En-Dal I rate 10/10.

It is Stunning :!:

Love the rondavels, shops, breil trail, vegetation, pool, animals in camp and much more .

I love Berg-En-Dal :!: :thumbs_up:

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Unread post by luislang » Mon Jun 26, 2006 9:53 pm

Have just returned from Kruger & a two night stay at B&D. It was great! I took some pics thinking of Gwen & you guys going there in August :mrgreen: . There are no bungalows with views of the dam, only bush views. I think after good rains some could have views of the dams inflow, but otherwise not. Here are some pics of the two bungalows with the best views.



Otherwise no 25 - 27 & no 31. They all have some sort of view.

The lions & hyeanas were very vocal on both nights that we were there and we saw lots including a LITS.
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Almost at home

Unread post by Stephen » Sun Jul 02, 2006 4:09 pm

:D Greetings from Berg & Dal

Thank you very much Luislang for the pics and all of you making a positive contribution to Berg & Dal marketing :D .
Coming from Biyamiti, I had my doubts about the beauty of a big camp.
However, going through the camp I realised how stunning the camp really is (maybe with the exception of the camping area but that is going to change).
We are busy with upgradings to the facilities (bungalows and camping) and when around please come and say hello, I might have a moment to show off some of the improvements already started by my predecessor.

For LIT's and predators (not that leopard is not a predator) I have been at B&D now for three weeks and seen them all between here and Malelane / Afsaal. (Just saw a lioness this afternoon about three hundred meters from the gate 8) ).
We also had two leopard camping up a tree just in from Malelane gate last week and I saw a lioness with three cubs crossing the road there as well.

Back to work for me

Warm regards from the bush
Stephen Nel
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Unread post by wildtuinman » Tue Aug 08, 2006 2:16 pm

blasian wrote:I posted this in the 'Advice Needed' section under my thread 'Berg-en-Dal: Good for a first timer?'. Thought I'd post it here too in case more people check this section.

Just a question about safety in the camp. I've read on a few post that animals get into the camp. Are these just the odd monkey or something a tad more sinister? Also, I really think it would be such an awesome experience to do a perimeter fence walk at night with a torch (I'll be totally freaking out, but hey, you only live once). Is this safe? I read you're advised not to walk on the track near the dam. Is this at night or all the time? I really don't want to finally get to Kruger just to become leopard feed... :wink:

Just give me a virtual slap if you think I'm being paranoid. Or stupid. Or both... :P

*Slap* :lol:

But there's nothing wrong with being on your toes though. Yes leopard have been dealing out it's share of stitches in the camp before, but you have a better chance of winning the lotto. Vervets and baboons may be far more your visiting type of animals there.

There is a warning not to walk along the fence at night next to the Matjulu dam. So don't take it lightly, unless you are like me... fearless and stoopid! :lol: :lol: :twisted: Nothing better then sitting in the absolute dark with the thought of fear creeping up and down your spine. :twisted:
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Unread post by Elsa » Tue Aug 08, 2006 5:49 pm

I remember walking along the fence a couple of years ago and we came across a nice herd of Ellies browsing in the reeds just on the other side of the wires, and suddenly that fence didn't look all that strong and secure somehow. :shock: :?
Definitely don't think I would like to do that walk in the dark, my imagination would be enough to scare me half to death. :wink:

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Unread post by blasian » Wed Aug 09, 2006 10:43 am

Okay... Think I'll be walking in broad daylight... :roll:

I know we aren't visiting for a while, but where do you find maps for the roads we should be exploring around the camp?
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Unread post by DuQues » Wed Aug 09, 2006 10:54 am

All of them! You can find a map here.
Not posting much here anymore, but the photo's you can follow here There is plenty there.

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Unread post by cathy-jo » Sun Aug 20, 2006 11:34 am


Hyena at the fence of B&D, made by Rob.


Leopard near B&D, made bij Cathy

{Hyena photo resised by DQ}

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Unread post by simonb6 » Fri Dec 01, 2006 10:33 pm

Jose and I had a very pleasant week in BnD last week.

There was nothing to complain about :D

The camp is big and spacious, very green, and well laid out with good spacing between the units so you do not feel cramped or overlooked by your neighbours.

We had a guest cottage - basically this is two bungalows joined together by a short corridor, There are two bedrooms - one with two single beds and one with a double bed - in one of the sections; the other section is an open plan living area with kitchen area, a large lounge with a table and chairs and two more single beds. The kichen has a sink, a two-ring electric hob, a toaster and electric kettle and a big fridge freezer. There is crockery and cutlery for 8 people.

The connecting corridor has separate toilet, shower room and bathroom with wash basin.

The locking entrance door leads directly into the double bedroom. The living room has a large sliding glass door which opens onto the large lapa, with table, chairs and braai.

The two bedrooms have individual aircon units (high on the wall so not adjustable) and the sitting room has an electric ceiling fan.

The whole place is built from unfaced red bricks, with a high thatched roof.

The bungalows were of similar construction - we didn't look in any of them but they looked to be roomy and comfortable - one or two of the perimeter ones were right on the fence, with just the Rhino Trail separating the lapa from the perimeter fence.

The main complex had reception, offices, a "standard" shop - a bit cramped compared with, for example, Pretoriuskop but well stocked - snack bar and restaurant. There is also a large boma complex where they hold functions (such as rowdy forum meets :D ) and a small open-air auditorium where they show evening wildlife films on a large TV.

We had a quick look at the camp site and it looked to be reasonably well shaded - it was virtually empty so difficult to envisage accurately.

The staff were unfailingly polite and helpful, and on the two evenings when we ate in the restaurant the buffet food was good. I was amused to notice that, with one exception, none of the dishes in the buffet was labelled so it was try-it-and-hope-for-the-best or ask the staff. The one exception was the "Fresh Fruit Salad" :shock:

There were lots of birds in the trees, and we saw a few Vervets in the camp but we were never troubled by them.

All in all it was a very pleasant and peaceful camp; one particularly nice aspect is the entrance - after passing the gate you continue along a road with trees and bushes on both sides all the way to the reception car park. It gives the impression that you are still in the bush instead of a camp.
Cheers, Simon
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Boomslang in Berg en Dal Pool

Unread post by pvs » Sun Mar 04, 2007 6:41 pm

Just returned from our 2 weeks visit in krugerpark,it was an awesome experience with lot of great sightings,our last day we stayed in Berg en Dal and shortly after a swim in the pool of the camp (I was still around to make some birdshots) we heard a splash in the water,it appeared to be a boomslang who hided in the tree above the pool and chased a frog which just had jumped in the pool,my wife screamed snake snake in the pool and warned the 2 girls that were still in the pool,the boomslang misted the frog and climbed up in the tree again,after a while when we were eased down a bit he made another go for the frog and came down out of the tree again,again he missed the frog and climb up again,a few guests who had joined the pool saw it happen,but for us the swimming was enough for the day,we informed the reception about this incident,but I dont think they did anything with the information,I dont know if someone had a similar kind of experiece and if/or these snakes are dangerous for human,as I read in books that the are very venomous

Paul :?: [/b]

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Unread post by Stephen » Sun Apr 01, 2007 8:15 pm

:D Bush Greetings from Berg en Dal

Paul, that was quite some sighting, with the boomslang coming to cool off after the frog.
The message of the snake was indeed passed on to me.
I have a policy of removing any snake that poses a danger to our guest.
Some of them are however not that easy to remove, but if it is just in a tree, one does not really worry too much, as in most cases they do wander off after a while.
We had a 40 cm python the other day in the camp that nearly became the dinner of a genet.
We helped the python out, literally and figurally.

The first phase of the camping is almost finished.
We opened it for Easter and will finish off the last things after school holidays.
We will then tackle the #2 site and work our way down to the #3 sight.
It is going to take us another couple of months, but the end product will be so much nicer.
We also had a donation of a nr of trees and we will be planting some in the camping as well.

On Friday I had a drive with family, here is a short account:
Matjulu loop, rhino died and lion were feeding.
By this morning it was less appetising, but they were still there.
Steilberg - nice herd of elephant.
We also had a Colt bouncing over a huge boulder trying to get out of the way of a stinky ellie.
Rhino (a live one) at Afsaal.
It actually moved, so it was not the dummy that always lies around there.
Biyamiti loop - lots of buffalo signs, eventually saw three at some distance.
Biyamiti weir - Ingwe (Leopard) in all its glory lying on the rocks. Got beautiful video of him.
Could not resist - turned into the 18k's.
Saw lots of buffalo signs and some ellies closer to the camp. This one was particularly entertaining.


S25 - plenty of elephants and one hippo.
The general game came to the party as well, kudu, waterbuck, phumba and family, vultures, brown snake eagle, bateleur, white helmeted shrike.
Just to round it off we got the doggies on the 12 back to B&D. 11 of them running in the road. 8)

It was a six hour drive, but worth every minute.

Till next time
Stephen Nel

Manager: Hospitality Services

Berg & Dal Rest Camp: KNP

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Unread post by Tusk-and-Tail » Tue Apr 10, 2007 9:49 am

Hi Everyone

Just got back from Easter weekend at Berg & Dal and it was one of my better trips to Kruger.

Stephen, the camp looks stunning, the accommodation was clean and tidy even to Brazilian standards!!! :D Its fantastic to see your influence on the camp and B&G winning camp of the year is a testimony to your hard work dedication and levels of service to us your guests. I used to be extremely allergic to main camps but B&D is now one of my favourites!! Well done Nella !!!!!!!

On the sightings side, all I can say is it was AWESOME!!! We arrived on Friday morning, had to make our way through the zoo called entrance gates over holidays and then drove up to Afsaal for breakfast. We got ellie, buff, rhino and leopard around Afsaal and then after breakfast we drove to Skukuza.. sometimes I wonder why I do that.. we got lions near Skukuza. So a good 5/5 drive with lots of kudu, zebra, blue wildebees, pumbas and giraffe.

Saturday morning we left camp at 6 and drove to Afsaal and back, returning to B&G via Steilberg and Majulu loop. We saw buff, ellie, rhino and leopard at Majulu waterhole. Again the park is teaming with other game. Not bad 4/5 and I was so happy with another leopard sighting!!

Sunday morning the whole tribe went for an early drive, the plan was to drive to the Baobab tree near Satara and then use to tar road from Tshokwane back to Lower Sabie, then the S25 back to B&D. Huge amount of driving but easily done in 12 hours. The morning started fairly quiet untill we got to the Afsaal road.

Near Renoster pan, we got out first leopard, fantastic sighting for about 5 minutes without any other cars, yupp that's even possible during Easter, then a Nissan hardbody joined us on the sighting and we spend another 10 minutes with the leopard. Time to move on... we then got ellie and loads of general game, At Afsaal we spend some time looking at the dummie rhino and something caught my eye about 10 m further on.. I drove on and TADA leopard!!! The rest of the traffic jam just drove right past kitty in the tall grass, the nissan hardbody was still with me and asked why am I spending so much time on the rhino..i pointed out the leopard.. this being a family forum I won't quote their language use, I was however asked how lucky one person can get..The next moment a Volvo 4x4 stopped near the leopard and the kids stuck half way out the car...poof see kitty run... I forgot to thank the Volvo driver for his consideration..will do that maybe next time..

We moved on from Afsaal towards Skukuza and crossed the Sabie river over the low water bridge.. the road on was fairly quiet with the odd herd of impala. When we got to the Baobab tree I suggested to the family that we carry on to Satara, it was still early enough and we'll make it back to B&G on time. 3 prides of lions near Satara and hyena on a lion waterbok kill. I then dodged traffic and made our way back to Lower Sabie. ! more pride of lions on the tar road back to Lower Sabie and we stopped counting the ellie and rhino sightings. Eventually got buff near Lower Sabie. Then down the Tar road towards the S25. More lions, ellie, buff and rhino. Saw yet another pride of lions on the S25. On the 12km's to B&D we again got lions and a HUGE traffic jam.

So lions 7 times
Ellie about 30 times
Rhino about 10 times same with buff
and leopard twice that in one day :shock:

We left the park early Monday morning and then saw the big 5 again, 1) taxis, 2) buses, 3) unroadworthy bakkies, 4) traffic cops and 5) a couple of okes trying to break the land speed record on the N4.

Cheers and I hope your Easter weekend was as fantastic as mine.
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Unread post by Stephen » Tue Apr 24, 2007 7:57 am

:D Hi Francois

Hope this one is better for you. :twisted: Saw her Friday about 6km form the camp all on her lonesome. Her mates were making big noice again last night though.


Greetings from the bush :D
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Lone Leopard and lone me

Unread post by Carole » Sat Apr 28, 2007 7:47 pm

Some time back after arriving at Berg en Dal rest camp, I told my husband I would just take a short drive to the local water hole. Upon arrival there, I was the only person around. It felt quite scary. After about 5 minutes, I couldn't believe my eyes as a leopard walked slowly towards the water, had a drink and walked all around the area and then towards my car. Not having a cell phone, I couldn't even tell my husband to get there quickly. Leopard stayed around for some 10 minutes or so and I was still the only observer. A little later a ranger appeared but didn't stay long (he'd seen it all before). The excitment at watching the leopard mixed with the frustration of being the only person to watch and have nobody to get excited with was quite a mixture of emotions.
When I got back to camp my husband didn't believe a word of it! :lol:

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Unread post by Stephen » Thu May 03, 2007 9:45 pm

:D Greetings from Berg en Dal

I am sitting working at home, just finished my monthly report while being serenaded by this magnificent male lion.


I took this pic of him earlier when coming back from Skukuza earlier today. He was only about 2km from the camp.

I had two sightings of wild dog today as well, one on the way to Skukuza north of Afsaal (5 dogs) and one coming back this afternoon South of Afsaal (10 dogs). I spent some time with the second group – what a privilege.


This tree frog had the great honour of becoming lunch to a Spotted Bush Snake in our laundry over the weekend. It took about half and hour for the snake to swallow the frog. Then I kicked him out (didn’t have a license to eat in the laundry).


Till the next time
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