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Tamboti Satellite Camp

Discuss the different camps and roads of the Kruger National Park
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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread post by RosemaryH » Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:41 pm

They would be more suited for a couple and a child. :)

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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread post by rusky » Thu Oct 30, 2008 3:43 am

anne catherine wrote:Thanks RosemaryH ,

So , i will reserve two of them when i will go there :)

a-c we stayed in a 4 person tent (CTT4) in Tam and they would be fine for the 3 of you (4 single beds). You would need to share ablutions and cooking facilities. But each tent has its own braai.
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Re: Tamboti...should we stay there

Unread post by ndloti » Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:44 am

The LST 3 (luxury tents) are equipped with cooking & eating utensils .
The other tents aren't .
Cougar , I have seen most of the basic utensils in Orpen shop , so you should be able to buy them there or at Satara when you get there .
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Re: Tamboti...should we stay there

Unread post by saraf » Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:40 am

HI there HappyDaisy, welcome to the forum. We'll all do our best to ensure you have a great stay.

I suppose the comments re: Tamboti are sarcastic. It's such a great camp (some) people want to keep others away from it so its always available to book.

There are only tents at Tamboti and these are either communal or luxury.
However when I say tent its a kind of misnomer - they are permanent strutures with a wooden frame and canvas walls. Think colonial Africa.
Communal only have a room with beds and a deck area with braai. You share kitchens and ablutions. Luxury ones have a kitchen area (with pots, plates and cutlery) on the deck and private shower and WC. You can check with Orpen if they will rent out a utensils box if you are in the communal tents.

All tents look out onto the river bed, which is usually dry. However there are animals that use the river - we watched an elephant make his way down the bank for 2 hours and listened all day to mating lions on the far bank.

We find the roads around the area a little boring after a while so only stay one or two nights. However others have found the H7 to Satara very productive. If you are into history the Rabelais hut nearby is worth a visit.

So yes, you should stay there. :D
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Re: Tamboti...should we stay there

Unread post by anne-marie » Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:15 pm

Hera you are the tent No 33 (LST3 luxury tent)
a regal..... :dance:

Image the bed

Image on the left, the chair or the third bed

Image the very nice kitchen

Image the view

Image the braai... with a lot of stairs
and a maze of corridors
I return.... tomorrow... :wink:
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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread post by Gunner » Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:36 pm

Entrance to Tamboti camp


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Re: Tamboti Tent Camp

Unread post by TINY » Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:28 am

Hello OWLET.

Firstly i would like to inform you that i have visited Kruger approximately 150 times in the past 11 years. From the north to the south to the east to the west TAMBOTI is the best :thumbs_up: .
It is one of very few bush camps in kruger, and certainly the best of the lot (my opinion) :whistle: .
The area around Tamboti is extremely rich with lots of game. Large numbers of Zebra, wildebeest, impala, buffalo and elephants.
Im drooling just picturing the place in my mind.
Great area for Lion, Leopard and Cheetah.

Spent the night of the 10th January 2009. Got the local pride of lions just 60m from Tamboti entrance, Cheetah approx 2km on the H7 towards Satara, large herd of buffalo on the S140 and a mating pair of leopards 1km from the buffalo :dance: .

Picnic: Great drive from Tamboti to MUZANDZENI picnic spot.
Take H7 towards Satara, turn right onto S106 than right onto S140 and drive on till you meet up with the S36. Turn left drive for approx 11 km till you get to MUZANDZENI. Don't forget to stop @ Ximangwaneni dam. approx 2.5 km before Muzandzeni. Great sighting of elephants having a splash.

ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY........ :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Oh by the way if you are staying in a normal Safari tent with comunal facilities then you have to prebook unit no 5,6,OR 7. For great views and very close to the ablution and kitchen block.

Buy 4 now.

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Re: Tamboti Tent Camp

Unread post by cel » Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:30 am

Morning Owlet! :D
You will be going to my favourite camp, so I would love to advise you on MY best route!!only problem with Tamboti is that you are not very close to a veriety of roads, but if you plan your route beforehand, you still get to cover alot of ground! Get out of bed early (think gates open at 4:30/5:00) pack a picnic-basket(some backon and eggs) and snacks,drive on tar road (H7) and turn left (think onS36)to Timbavati-picnic-spot - if you are eager game viewers, it will take you the whole morning to get there! At the picnic spot, they have a gass braai that you can hire for R15, and the guy there even washes if for you afterwards!!! You could then take the S127 untill you get to the H1-4 and return via Satara - remember to check sightings board at Satara if there is a last loop you could take before heading back to Tamboti! This is a lovely circle route that will take you the whole day - and we have never been disappinted..If you enjoy your midday siesta, stay on the H-7,just by followingthe tar road up to the S36 we have seen the big five! Enjoying early morning coffee at bobbejaanskarans (on the H7) is a must!!
You could also do a similar circle route to Talamati - but the dirt road was full of humps when we visited early in January... :(
However, -when it comes to wildlife-wich ever road you won't be disappointed! :thumbs_up:

You could send a letter of request to Orpen gate - for a specific tent. Number 16 is nice and private :wink: -cant see anyone else, but far from the loo. Numbers 10, 9, and 8 has great views and close to the helps if you have to run in the darkness... :redface: Remember your flashlight!
The tents have bedding,table,chairs, a big fan,towels and medium sized fridge and freezer - the rest you will have to pack(cutlery ect.) If your'e staying in the luxury tents-you basicly have everything. :dance:
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Re: Tamboti Tent Camp

Unread post by Daggaboy » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:40 pm

Our little family spent a few days there in May 2008, in tent 40, to say they were fantastic is an understatement! There were often Elephants in the dry river bed in the evening, the buffalo bulls love lying up on the edge of the reeds to the right of the camp during the day and every night we were literally woken up by the lions roaring and often had our 2 year old son joining us in bed at high speed when the male lions roared close by. On the last morning while having coffee and rusks a beautiful MGM Lion crossed the river bed about 70 metres away roaring as he went. You may get different but you wont get better. It is a great camp to relax and absorb your surroundings and it is large enough to go for a great family walk or even a run should you so wish. The road network is limited and i would suggest doing more relaxing and less driving when staying in Tamboti.
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Re: Tamboti Tent Camp

Unread post by ndloti » Wed Feb 04, 2009 8:11 am

skywalker2251 wrote:The luxury tents have their own ablutions.

There are 10 luxury tents on the far end of camp , there it is also a bit quieter than in the standard tent section where there is more human activity from people going to the kitchens and ablution blocks and also car traffic towards the camp gate .
KNP is sacred. I am opposed to the modernisation of Kruger and from the depths of my soul long for the Kruger of yesteryear! 1000+km on foot in KNP incl 56 wild trails.200+ nights in the wildernessndloti-indigenous name for serval.

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Re: Tamboti Tent Camp

Unread post by skywalker2251 » Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:58 pm

Naomirsa is right on the sleeper couches. The are very uncomfortable. I didn't sleep on one, but my sister did. I laid down on it and I don't see how you could sleep on it. It's also very small. Might work for a little kid, but I wouldn't want to sleep on it as an adult.

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Tambotie Tented Camp

Unread post by Fatcat » Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:07 pm

Can anyone offer some advice here? How far are the tents from the actual parking spaces and are there electrical plug points in the tents ? I am just staying over for one night, but need to plug in my small freezer. I was thinking of using an extention cord from the car to where ever there is a plug. Any advise will be appreciated ? :) Perhaps the communal kitchen, is there one ?
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Re: Tambotie Tented Camp

Unread post by Meandering Mouse » Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:36 pm

Hi Fatcat.

There are indeed plugs in the tents. I am not sure which tent you will be using, but I should think that the 20 metre extension should reach your car. Maybe take an extra one, just in case. The tents that I have stayed in, nos 6, 2, 10 and 11 have all had plugs close to the door next to the refrigerator.

There is a small secluded path between the parking and the tent, but I think the length of the path might differ from tent to tent. I do not think that it should be a problem though.
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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread post by Jumbo » Fri May 08, 2009 9:37 am

Seems in the excitement the size of the snake was somewhat over-judged....but a 1.2 meter Black Mamba is just as dangerous as a 3 meter one.
The snake was shot using a slingshot....very sad, :cry: but trust me, it is not a good idea to try and capture a Black Mamba that is cornered unless you have extensive snake handling experience...and one can also not expect others to put their lives on the line just because you do not want to see the snake killed.


Katja and nicolemeiring.....wishing you both a great visit :D ....apart from the snake scare my parents had a wonderful stay...I have to add that my parents have been attracting snakes during their holiday....3rd close encounter in 2 weeks :shock: .....Tamboti again delivered with the lions serenading them both nights... 8)

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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread post by TheunsH » Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:52 am

We had 3 great nights in TAMBOTI (13,14 and 15 July 2009). We stayed in tent number 5. This is a 4 bed tent without a bathroom. It was wonderful. Herewith a few pictures of the tent:

A photo from the fence:

A view from the veranda:

The bird-hide:

A view from inside the bird-hide:

The fence of the camp from the gate. You can walk right around the camp on the inside!

A trap, without bait, to trap a dangerous animal in camp!

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