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Flufftail, White-winged

Identify and index birds in Southern Africa
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Re: Flufftail, White-winged

Unread post by Wild about cats » Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:12 pm

According to BirdLife International, this is one of the 200 most Critically Endangered birds in the world.

Read here: ... hp?id=2816

Nevertheless, the lack of recent records and tiny area of remaining habitat suggest that the total population is now almost certainly fewer than 250 mature individuals, with both the Ethiopian and South African populations numbering fewer than 50 mature individuals each (Y. Adebe, M. Ewnetu, G. Gebreselassie and H. Smit-Robinson in litt. 2013).

A proposal was put forward in 2006 to initiate a captive breeding programme in August that year, based in Pretoria Zoo, and using eggs taken from Berga marsh, Ethiopia (Tarboton and Wondafrash in prep.). The aim would be to study the species's life history and behaviour (Tarboton and Wondafrash in prep.). However, there were concerns that the programme should be carried out in Ethiopia, where it is known to breed, and that releasing birds into its non-breeding range could result in hybridisation with similar species (P.K. Ndang'ang'a in litt. 2006). The captive breeding programme is not currently going ahead (M. Wondafrash in litt. 2007).
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