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Accomdation overview for Otter

Knysna, Tsitsikamma, Wilderness
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Accomdation overview for Otter

Unread post by Tsogo » Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:24 pm

Hi guys.
Organising the otter for a group of 11 friends next year this time and been trying to consolidate the info for them.

One is able to get accommodation at the Storms river mouth rest camp (Tsitsikamma section). Am I correct in assuming this is OK for the new starting point? After reading some threads on these forums I see that the start of the Otter trail has been relocated. One member mentioned that the start site is "it starts at the reception - right inside the entrance to the Tsitsi park". What I'm asking is whether staying at Storms river mouth rest camp would be best suited before the start of the hike?

I assume one can leave their vehicle there (Storms river mouth rest camp) during the duration of the hike and collect it after hike completion.

After completing the hike one can stay at Nature's valley guest house and organise a lift with them back to collect your car at the storms river rest camp.

Does this seem correct? Any other tips or suggestions?

Thanks in advance


andre w
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Re: Accomdation overview for Otter

Unread post by andre w » Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:31 pm

Hi Tsogo,
I think you're referring to my earlier post. We've done the Otter in July 10 (doing it AGAIN 3 Dec 10).
Yes, the official start is no longer where it was earlier - it USED to start right at sealevel - not sure when it changed though - it now starts at the "top" just after you enter the park - as you enter, the reception is on your left - here you register, pay conservation fees (R125 per person) and get your Otter map. Just opposite the reception, is the Otter room where you sign the register, get the tide table and watch the video - the video could be important.
The parking is right next to the otter room and is also the official start of the trail. from there, you go through the "forest" down to sea level - you reach sea level +/- at the cave and from there on, it is the "old" trail - the waterfall not far off.
I suggest you overnight at Storms River the night before the hike - we did and it was GREAT - next morning you can go back up (+/-4.5km) with your vehicle to the reception, Otter room and official parking - the parking seemed very nice and "safe".
We (just 2 of us) didn't have our vehicle at Storms River - it was at Nature's Valley at the Otter parking site - also nice facilities - "safe" parking, ablutions etc etc. - Nature's Valley guest house people took us to Storms River the day before the hike - we thus "walked" to our vehicle and it wasn't necessary for us to return to Storms River after the hike - and THAT was also nice - this way we could have a nice HOT shower and not wasting time to travel there and back again.
After the hike we stayed over in Knysna - you could get in touch with Nature's Valley guest house to hear about accommodation - I'm sure they'll oblige - just google them - and enquire from Pat Bond of the Guest house.
There's quite a bit of "tips & suggestions" I can give you regarding the logistics and hike itself - if you wish, you can PM me and I'll reply - or mail me direct at - then we can "chat" about the "tips" etc.
We had a GREAT time - even if it was winter - we had brilliant weather - and the famous/infamous Bloukrans crossing was a "breeze" - due to good conditions and we were prepared well.
If you want to have a look at some of my Otter photos - here's my "gallery" of some
of my pics:" onclick=";return false;"
just click on the thumbnails for bigger image and then just "next" each time.
Hope this helps a bit

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