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Addo, Camdeboo, Karoo, Mountain Zebra
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When ones sees or reads anything about ADDO the first thing that comes to mind are the enormous Herds of Elephant at the park which are internationally known. Although over the years many other animals have been introduced the elephants are still the main attraction at the ADDO ELEPHANT PARK and why everyone still continually revisits the park.

Our very first visit to the ADDO NATIONAL PARK seems to always be a story we come back to and talk about the most.

We were a young family who enjoyed caravanning. We decided to visit the park for 3 days and show our children the elephants, then aged 7 and 5 years old. Today they are married with their own children and doing likewise, visiting the park and showing their children the elephants.

We had no sooner arrived and settled ourselves in at the campsite when very good friends of ours arrived unexpectedly. They had their own sales agency business and used their caravan on these trips enabling them to stop over wherever they wished. That evening they had decided to spend at Addo for the night before returning to Port Elizabeth where they lived.
This had not been planned so you can imagine what a wonderful surprise this was and we had an enjoyable time together in such peaceful surroundings . Great minds think alike !

Near dusk we decided to light a fire in the designated area for a “braai”.

Not long after lighting the fire in the designated braai area, a couple in their campervan arrived. They decided to park their van opposite our caravan site and were clearly foreign tourists and intrigued at what we were doing. Because they watched us and the interest they showed in what we were doing we decided we would truly entertain them by continually adding wood. We had such good laughs and fun together while making what looked like a “bonfire”. They sat in their camper van peeping out of their window watching us until we decided to let the fire settle and start braaing our 4 pieces of meat. Crazy South Africans they probably thought !!

The following morning we took a drive through the park and came across a Herd of Elephants every size you could imagine. We spent an hour now being entertained by the elephants - some were playing by interlocking their trunks, the smaller ones as you can see in the photographs were trying to negotiate a bank and were struggling to get up the bank. Eventually they made it.

Over the years of visiting the park we have truly enjoyed the elephants the most and we wish many generations to come, the same pleasures we had and wish you the very best in maintaining the park for many more visitors alike.

Congratulations and HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY

Lionel & Bev Berndt

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