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Nossob new chalets update

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Nossob new chalets update

Unread post by chouboule » Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:04 pm

We will be in Nossob at the end of Febuary 2017 in chalet 10B. :D :D :D
I have been reading about the new chalets and if I understand correctly they are adjacent to us. :?
I saw pictures taken in November and some chalets even had roofs. :)
Has anyone been recently and can you tell me if the construction is finally finished.
I really hope so because coming all the way from Switzerland for the silence of the desert and then getting construction noise would be a huge dissapointment. :(

Has it rained at all?

Many thanks

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Re: Nossob new chalets update

Unread post by Canuck-Robin-Chats » Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:28 pm

We stayed in 10C in late December and then again in early January. We did not have to endure any construction noise because, given the holiday season, there was no construction taking place. I have to say that the view from 10C was not great. They have installed a green fence to hide the construction site, but frankly I would have preferred the view of the construction site.

The new chalets still have a long way to go. The units nearest the waterhole look almost complete on the outside but, we peeked in the windows, and they are far from complete on the inside. The unit farthest from the waterhole still does not have a roof.

I would be surprised if the units are available before June 2017. From what I have read and observed, construction is moving at a snail's pace.

The good news is, the new units are far enough away from 10B - especially those that need work on the outside - that I do not think you will be troubled by construction noise. Also, if you are like us, you will spend very little time in camp during the day, when the construction noise will be an issue.

We had torrential rain (6.5cm according to the rangers) while we were at Nossob. 10A B & C were on an island in the middle of a lake after the storm. We also had heavy rain while we were at Gharagab - it was so heavy (4.8cm) that our tent leaked. :shock:

Have a wonderful visit!

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