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Useful info, FAQs and tutorials on how the forum works
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Help Index

Unread post by gwendolen » Fri Jun 15, 2007 10:06 am

Here you should be able to find anything you need for navigating, posting and all other settings.
Please do not post questions here about parks, use the parks forum for that, this is just for the forum workings / mysteries!

The FAQ explains most of the terms used on the forums.

An introduction to the forum
Welcome to the forum

The first steps
The User Control Panel explained
This (long) topic explains all the settings you can change, and the effects. People using Dial-up, have slow internet connections, or are using mobile phones are encouraged to read Speeding up the forums for dial-up users (and phones) as this will make browsing the forums vastly more pleasant.

Uploading an avatar
Avatars are the little photos on the left, like on this post. Uploading an Avatar, choosing one from the gallery, and a handy link to create an avatar can be found here.

Contacting the moderating team & reporting posts
If for whatever reason you need to contact the moderators, choose one from this link, or check the indexpage, the moderators online are displayed in bold at the bottom of that page. Sometime post(s) don't belong here, like spam or misbehaviour, in Reporting posts your possible steps are explained.

A guide to the available features when posting on the boards, with a seperate topic deemed handy for long posts: Tutorial - Drafts.
There are good ways to post, and there are ways to post that will ensure the moderators will PM you, please read the Forum Netiquette and Non-SANParks related discussions online.

Searching Topics and Posts
How to use the search feature explained, and links to forum specific google search-engines.

Posting pictures
Something that's not everyones kettle of fish, so we made some tutorials:
TinyPic - recommended for posting just one photo.
Flickr - recommended for posting more photos, like in tripreports.

Resizing photos
There are maximum sizes to photos, so here is a tutorial: Easy way to resize photos.

This is not a full index, just a quick introduction to the forums. Some of the other topics may be of interest for you, have a browse through them, especially The FAQ.
Enjoy your stay!
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