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Bird Calls for Beginners and More Bird Calls for Beginners

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Bird Calls for Beginners and More Bird Calls for Beginners

Unread post by Moira de Swardt » Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:14 pm

Bird Calls for Beginners fills the room with bird song

A reasonably priced, and delightful, series of books with CDs

Bird Calls for Beginners is an excellent series for novice birders of all ages, and readers are encouraged to go out into their gardens at first light to listen to the “dawn chorus”.

The first book, Bird Calls for Beginners, priced at only R69.95, covers sixty common birds found in Southern Africa, and the second, More Bird Calls for Beginners, priced at only R89,95, covers a further ninety nine common birds in Southern Africa. Both books come complete with CDs of the calls.

The CDs are useful in that the bird call is identified verbally which means that the CD can be used independently of the text as a learning tool. This makes it suitable for use in one’s vehicle. However, used with the text, one will find a photograph of the bird, usually resting, but occasionally in flight, together with a distribution map and a description of the behaviour of the bird, its Afrikaans name, and a description of the call.

Both books come with a call for readers to act responsibly when using the CD with this book when they point out that birds can be disturbed by recorded calls (whether of their own or other species) and that this could interfere with breeding or even nesting. Listeners are exhorted to listen to the CD in their homes and to enjoy the sounds of real birds in their gardens and in the wild.

The author, Doug Newman, is an electrical engineer who has had a keen interest in birds, particularly bird calls, since he was a child. He is a co-founder of

Title: Bird Calls for Beginners; More Bird Calls for Beginners
Author: Doug Newman
Publishers: Struik Nature
Year: 2008; 2009
Recommended Selling Price: R69.95; R89.95
ISBN: 978-1-77007-678-5; 978-1-77007-800-0
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