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Not to be missed - June 08 Getaway magazine

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Unread post by saraf » Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:14 pm

Sorry guys, I didn't see this before I left or I would have brought some copies back with me.

Getaway is one of my favourite mags and I always look out for it when I'm in SA. This edition was not a disappointment and had a great article on the Duke Tusk Episode and some really useful information on KNP and the Transfrontier Park. It's always interesting to read other people's opinions and to have a glimpse of alternatives so the info on the lodges was informative.
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Unread post by rayb » Sun Jun 08, 2008 9:21 pm

I've been sat in the garden in really warm sunshine reading my Getaway mag. that arrived yesterday. The camping accessories pull-out was useful although the Kruger map lacked a bit of detail.
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Getaway inspired!

Unread post by nicolemeiring » Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:23 pm

After reading the Getaway I moved my September booking forward to July. I can't wait to get back in the Park. I am so excited that I am battling to go to sleep. Plus now addicted to GeoWild DSTV Channel.


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Unread post by Stark » Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:32 pm

FYI, I was able to order the digital copy of this issue! No map included that I could find, but it makes for very interesting reading.

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Unread post by ndloti » Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:04 pm

I assume the Nhlambanyathi bird hide referred to on S28 (page 34) is actually Nthandanyathi bird hide , or is there another bird hide on S28 ?
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Unread post by wildtuinman » Fri Jun 27, 2008 1:20 pm

ndloti wrote:I assume the Nhlambanyathi bird hide referred to on S28 (page 34) is actually Nthandanyathi bird hide , or is there another bird hide on S28 ?

Of course it is the Nthandanyathi hide. It's easy to incorrectly spell something as I also see even conflicting spelling of the hide in official SANP references. :wink:

Nthandanyathi here.
And Ntandanyathi on the map on this page here.
And [url]here[/url] it is Nthandanyati.
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